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Concrete Wall Calculator

This concrete wall calculator estimates how much material you need to build a full-size or retaining wall. Use the desired length, height and thickness to calculate your concrete wall’s volume. Then, convert this number to cubic yards to figure out how much concrete to buy. This also helps you estimate the cost of your materials….

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brick paver patio

Patio Calculator

This patio paver calculator can help you figure out how many stone, block or brick pavers and how much sand base you’ll need to build a patio. Plan ahead for your project to make sure you get the right amount of materials. On This Page Paver Paver Calculations Sand Base Calculations Example Calculation Common Brick…

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Subway Tile Calculator

HomeAdvisor’s Subway Tile Calculator is a handy tool to estimate the amount of material needed to cover any given area and make your next home improvement project a success. Buy the right amount of material and cut waste on your next project with our useful subway tile calculator. Our simple formula multiplies width by length…

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Flooring Calculator

Whether you’re building the house of your dreams from scratch or installing new flooring on your current home, taking the right measurements is essential to ensure the right amount of materials and stay within budget. Use our flooring calculator or our simple formula to know how much material your project requires and give your flooring…

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Countertop Calculator

Give your kitchen or bathroom a boost with new countertops that make your home feel fresh again. Use a countertop calculator to estimate the square footage of your counter space. This will help you figure out how much material you need and get an estimated cost of your renovation project. On This Page: Countertop Calculations…

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Concrete Countertop Calculator

Concrete countertops are durable and versatile alternative surfaces with a high-end appearance that improves with age. Use a concrete countertop calculator to estimate the amount of materials needed to add this beautiful look to your home. Avoid miscalculations, save time, and ensure the success of your home improvement project. On This Page: Calculating Concrete Countertops…

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Brick Paver Calculator

This paver calculator can help you figure out how many paver stones you need for your project. It will also help you estimate the cubic yards of sand base you will need. On This Page Paver Calculations Sand Base Calculations Base Considerations Paver Stone Sizes Paver Calculations To determine how many paver stones you need:…

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Gravel Calculator

If you are looking into upgrading your driveway, the pea gravel calculator helps you calculate the precise amount of material you need to complete your project. By measuring the area and depth of your excavation we can provide you with the right conversion into tons of gravel. Remember that the key to our gravel driveway…

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Topsoil Calculator

To estimate the amount of soil needed for a landscape bed, you need to measure the length, width, and depth of the garden space that you are looking to fill. No need to guess when you can use a cubic yard calculator for soil to confidently complete your landscaping project. With a simple formula, you…

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River Rock Calculator

Many landscapers and homeowners choose river rock for their outdoor spaces for its variety of colors and smooth shape. River rock comes in many sizes and is used for walkways, driveways, and borders. This type of landscaping rock adds curb appeal and warmth to any landscaping project, and an accurate river rock estimate will help…

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