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Lumber Calculator

This free lumber estimator gives you a tool to calculate how much lumber you need for your project. Find out what a board foot is, how to measure it and estimate how much wood you need for your deck, flooring or framing project. Board Feet vs. Linear Feet Lumberyards normally deal in board feet, particularly…

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Travertine tile

Resilient Tile Calculator

Tips on Measuring for Resilient Tile Enter the size of the rooms to be covered and then select the size of the tile you plan to use. The calculator will determine how many tiles you need, including a standard 10 percent waste allowance. Homeowner Tip – Individual tiles are commonly 12 inches square, but also…

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Wallpapered bedroom

Wallpaper Calculator

Tips on Measuring for Wallpaper Before you begin, take the room measurements in the list below – round to the nearest foot. 1. Wall Height Measure from floor to ceiling. 2. Wall perimeter for areas you plan to wallpaper Measure the length of each wall. Add all lengths together to obtain the total horizontal distance,…

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Interior Painting Options & Ideas

Paint Calculator

Use this handy tool to plug in the dimensions of your painting project, calculate the number of square feet and find how much paint you need per gallon for your interior room, ceiling or exterior siding. On This Page: Tips on Measuring for Paint Types of Paint Interior Exterior Cost Factors FAQ Tips on Measuring…

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Tile roof

Roofing Area and Shingle Calculator

Photo: Vipada / Adobe Stock This roofing calculator will help you calculate shingles for your project and find the total number you’ll need to cover your roof, including an overage of about 10%. It also covers how many squares you’ll need and how many bundles of shingles you’ll want to buy for your project. Use…

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Stamped Concrete Driveway

Concrete Calculator

This concrete estimator will help you find out how much concrete you need by cubic yard. Plus, find how much 80lb and 60lb bags cover, estimate the slab area for triangular or octagonal shapes and more. On This Page: Tips on Measuring for Concrete Different Kinds of Concrete How to Buy Concrete Cost Factors FAQ…

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White ball for table tennis or ping pong on wooden table.

How to Assemble a Ping Pong Table

With the development of contemporary furniture and indoor games has come the creation of rival assembly services. People who order ping pong, foosball or other game tables can contact special assembly companies to have them put together properly. Many businesses charge flat rates, between $30 and $60, averaging $43. This price varies depending on the…

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Head shower while running water

How to Install or Replace a New Shower Head

A new shower head will increase the enjoyment and efficiency of your shower. But installing or replacing a new shower head isn’t always easy. Use this guide to successfully swap out your old head. It’s important to note that this installation guide is only for fixed shower heads. Using this guide to install handheld, custom…

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12 Little Accidents at Home and How to Fix Them

Your home suffers a lot of wear and tear each day. It’s normal to see hints of damage here and there – but wouldn’t it be nicer without them. What can you do to clear up after a minor domestic catastrophe? Whether it’s damage that comes from repeated use, or a one-off accident that’s left…

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Custom home design

7 Home Hacks to Start 2017 Off Right

Whether you hope to do a big remodel or simply need to deep clean, the beginning of the year is always a popular time to check off some of those pesky things on your household to-do list. Luckily, not every project has to be a big chore. Tackle the list head-on using some of these…

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