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Clean Door Tracks

Window Tracks and Door Jambs Cleaning Tips Hard-to-reach areas of your home like doors jambs and window sills can become dirt magnets. Here’s a quick guide to keeping these areas clean: Use your vacuum. Vacuum up any loose dirt around your jamb or sill. Apply baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on the remaining dirt and…

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Clean The Bathroom Fan

Dust and dirt can clog your bathroom ceiling fan and reduce its efficiency. Use these quick cleaning hacks to keep your fan clean: Use a vacuum. Run your vacuum over your vent to remove built-up dust and dirt. Rinse it in water. Remove the vent and soak it in water for a deeper clean. Add…

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5 Uses For A Dishwasher

Dishwasher Uses Your dishwasher can do more than just keep your dishes clean. Here are five alternate uses for your dishwasher: Clean vacuum attachments. Your dishwasher will remove the dirt and grime from your vacuum hardware. Be sure to use a lower temperature. Clean hardware. Remove door knobs and cabinets pulls and wash them in…

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Mounted TV

Mounting a TV on the Wall: Step by Step Guide

On This Page:  Location Mounting a TV to Drywall Step by Step Instructions Mounting Over a Brick Fireplace Step by Step Instructions How to Hide Wires Hiring a Professional You have finally purchased that flat screen TV you have been wanting for some time. Now you have a decision to make. Will you mount it,…

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Open dishwasher

DIY Guide to Installing a Dishwasher

There are a variety of reasons you may be considering replacing an older dishwasher with a new model. It may be that wear and tear has made your current appliance less efficient than it once was.

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Light switch

How to Wire a Light Switch

If you enjoy doing the occasional project around the house, wiring a basic light switch is one of the simplest DIY wiring jobs to complete.

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Handyman tools

Construction Jargon to English Translations, an online resource linking homeowners to contractors, has provided these easy to understand definitions for several of home improvement’s most commonly misunderstood terms. Flooring and Roofing Terms Joist: Parallel framing members installed horizontally to carry floor and ceiling loads. Floating Floor: A floor system that can be placed on top of an existing floor…

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HVAC system

DIY Guide: How To Service Your Furnace

Once a year, your furnace needs inspecting and servicing. Skipping this can cause it to fail and leave you cold, or it can cause deadly carbon monoxide to fill your home. The good news is that you can do a lot of the maintenance yourself.

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Staining a deck

Do It Yourself Tips for People Who Think They’re Handy

So you think you’re pretty handy, huh? You have fixed some plumbing problems and serviced your air conditioner, and now you’re ready for a larger project like laying tile, putting on a new roof or building your own fence. More power to you. Be careful! Sometimes DIY projects gone bad can cost more than just…

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