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Upgrade Door Handles

5 Steps for Painting Door Knobs Updating your doorknobs doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can give your doors a new — and cost-friendly — look with these five easy steps: Remove your hardware. Unscrew your doorknob. Prep your hardware. Use steel wool to rough the surface. Secure the doorknob. Use the underside…

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How to Hang Holiday Lights Outside Without Nails

How to Hang Holiday Lights Hanging holiday lights can be difficult. Here’s a quick how-to to get you started: Hire a pro. Hiring a pro will save you time and ensure professional-looking lighting. A pro will also help you avoid a potentially dangerous installation. Most professional lighting installations cost $378. Hang your own lights. Use…

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Power Wash Concrete

8 Steps to Pressure Washing Concrete Driveway Power washing is a simple way to renew your home’s concrete surfaces. Use this simple guide to get started: Sweep up debris. Use a broom to clear away debris and dirt. Cover doors and painted surfaces. Protect doors and painted surfaces with a plastic sheet. Degrease your concrete….

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4 Simple Home Maintenance Tips

4 Simple Holiday Maintenance Tips Preparing for the holiday hustle? Use these four no-sweat hacks to ready your home for guests: Line your refrigerator shelves in plastic wrap. Cling wrap-lined refrigerator shelves will catch spills, crumbs and drippings. Remove the plastic wrap to get rid of messes. Hire a cleaning service. A cleaning pro will…

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New Homeowner Checklist

New Home Repairs Moving into a new home can have a few hidden costs. Here are a few repairs to work into your moving budget: Blocked pipes: $275. Clogged pipes can cause an overflow and damage other parts of your home. Hire a pro to take care of any blocked pipes. Water leaks: $2,068. Leaks…

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Ways to Save on Heating Costs

How to Cut Down on Heating Costs Utilities are a big cost for many homeowners — especially in the winter. Here are three tips to conserve your home’s heat: Open south-facing window coverings. South-facing windows allow natural light to heat your home. Passive solar heating warms your home without running utilities. Close doors. Closing off…

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How to Strip Wood Stain

Steps for Stripping Paint Off Wood Furniture Old or damaged stains can ruin the look of your furniture. Use this quick guide to update any tired furniture around your house: Gather your tools. This job will require a paint brush, paint scraper, wire brush, wood stripper, safety glasses, gloves, a hand or circular sander and…

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How to Wash Exterior & Interior Windows

Tips for Cleaning Outside Windows Dirty exterior windows can detract from the beauty of your home. Use this quick how-to to keep your windows crystal clear: Mix your cleaning agent. Mix three ounces of dishwasher rinse aid, four tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol, one-fourth cup of ammonia and one-fourth cup of dishwasher detergent. Add water. Add…

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Clean Door Tracks

Window Tracks and Door Jambs Cleaning Tips Hard-to-reach areas of your home like doors jambs and window sills can become dirt magnets. Here’s a quick guide to keeping these areas clean: Use your vacuum. Vacuum up any loose dirt around your jamb or sill. Apply baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on the remaining dirt and…

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Clean The Bathroom Fan

Dust and dirt can clog your bathroom ceiling fan and reduce its efficiency. Use these quick cleaning hacks to keep your fan clean: Use a vacuum. Run your vacuum over your vent to remove built-up dust and dirt. Rinse it in water. Remove the vent and soak it in water for a deeper clean. Add…

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