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Wood window frames

Condensation Build-up on Window Frames

Q: We recently moved into a newly constructed home and have a huge problem with our double-pane windows sweating all the way around the metal frames during the winter months. (We live in Texas.) What can we do? A: The condensation you described is, unfortunately, quite common because of the extreme temperature gradient and high…

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Attic windows

Upgrading Insulation to Keep Windows Moisture-free

Modern home construction techniques haven’t solved every problem. In fact, they’ve made some of them worse. Modern houses usually have more problems with moisture, molds, and indoor pollutants than older homes because they’ve been insulated mostly for energy conservation purposes, restricting ventilation. This isn’t a bad thing, energy conservation is more important than ventilation for…

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Tubular Skylights Can Conceal Their Own Construction

  We’ve all heard the benefits of natural light: it rejuvenates, cures depression, and makes people more energetic and productive throughout the day. This is why daylighting has become such a popular trend, and why skylights are often installed in the home. However, what if you don’t want that big hole in your roof? What…

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Caulked windows

Caulking Windows

Caulking windows is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Below you’ll find a list of potential areas where leaks occur, some surefire ways to test whether leaks are present, as well some basic rules for how to go about improving your home’s energy efficiency with…

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Bedroom with picture windows

Picture Windows: Worth a Thousand Words

While any window can be described as providing a glimpse of the outside world, a picture window is a way to truly bring the outside into your house. They provide an unobstructed look at your surroundings, while you get to stay in the comfort of home. In addition to its aesthetic value, a picture window…

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Kids' room faux window

Add Beauty and Space with Faux Windows

I know what you’re thinking: faux windows? Don’t be too quick to judge. Imitation windows are actually a very popular choice to add color, depth, beauty and light to rooms where real windows aren’t an option. Whether you choose an oil painting of an ocean view or an actual reproduction of the view of the…

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Wood framed windows

Windows Glossary

AAMA Certification Label: The American Architectural Manufacturers Association certifies the structural integrity of windows and doors. Apron: The decorative molding below the windowsill. Awning window: A window with hinges on top that can be propped open like an awning. Balance spring: A counterbalance for a sliding sash, usually used with a double-hung window to hold…

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Rainy storm windows

3 Lesser-Known Benefits of Interior Storm Windows

Interior storm windows do more than just enhance a home’s safety — they enhance its livability too. In fact, interior storm windows offer a number of benefits, from keeping out the sounds of the street to boosting energy efficiency. Interior storm windows are almost identical to exterior models in material and function. But, interior storm…

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Frosted glass doors

Install Frosted Glass for Privacy and Class

Frosted glass is not just for shower doors anymore. Sure, the bathroom still tops the list of living spaces where frosting is used by homeowners, but there are a number of other places in your home where this glass can provide light, privacy, and great looks, as well. Frosted Glass: Manufacturing and Uses Frosted glass…

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Low Emissivity Windows

Low-e Windows – Are They Worth the Investment?

Natural light is always an asset in any home. The more sun you have coming in through skylights and large windows, the more open and inviting a space will appear. Also, when you have the sun working for you full time, it cuts down on daytime energy costs. However, whenever you open up your house…

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