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Fabric window treatments

Choosing the Right Window Treatment

Choosing a window used to be easy. You chose a framing style to fit the architecture and that was about it. Windows were single-paned, one piece of glass per sash, with an extra storm sash often placed behind for insulation. Today, the options can get a bit complicated, but choosing the right window treatment can…

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Egress Window Requirements & Installation Tips

Egress is literally defined as “a path out” or “to emerge,” and these terms directly apply to the design principles behind egress windows. In case of an emergency, windows installed in any sleeping room must pass strict codes so that occupants can exit and rescue specialists can enter the bedroom. In other words, when a…

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Wooden skylights

Skylight Problems

Skylights can bring the outside into your home in a way that few fixtures can. Whether it’s sunlight you crave, or the view of a starry night from the comfort of your living room, a skylight can provide it. Unfortunately, like just about anything else in a home, skylights occasionally have problems. Since they are…

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Door weather stripping

The Benefits of Weather Stripping

Many older homes, and even some newer ones, have numerous little cracks, holes and spaces through which warm air escapes during the winter, and unwanted hot air enters during the summer. All these little drafts of air end up costing you big money in the end. You set your thermostat higher in the winter and…

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Window repair

The Advantages of Hiring a Window Contractor

With so many homeowners focusing more of their remodeling dollars on increasing energy efficiency, it’s no surprise that replacement window companies are doing a lot of business. Since replacement window contractors are able to enhance your home’s efficiency as they improve its appearance and security, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners find that…

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Storm windows

Storm Windows: An Airtight Solution

The storm window is a tried-and-true method of reducing heat transfer and making a home more efficient. In areas that are subject to harsh winters or sweltering summers, heat seeping out of or into a room can really cause a problem. For older houses, especially, the addition of storm windows can make a noticeable difference…

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Preparing For Replacement Windows

With environmental concerns on everyone’s mind and energy efficiency more important than ever before, replacement window installation is, understandably, on the rise. When you hire a window contractor, you expect the installation process to be quick and painless. Often it is. For homeowners, understanding basic window replacement procedure is often helpful not just to prepare…

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Casement window

Casement Windows Pros and Cons

Picture and bay windows are great for letting natural light into your house, but they also require a lot of room. You have to plan for an entire wall of glass, which can make a room hotter or colder than desired. But if you want natural light, but don’t have the money or space for…

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Plate Glass

Plate Glass Windows – Learn the Basics

People often refer to any window that is not stained as a plate glass window. The truth is most modern plate glass windows are not plate glass at all. Though the materials that go into almost every type of glass are very similar, the processes by which various types of glass are manufactured are different….

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Basic Window Repairs

Window Repair and Maintenance – Quick Fixes

Window repair is too often neglected, allowing damaged windows to become leeches on your home’s monthly utility bills and daily comfort during the winter and summer seasons. The sources of window damage as numerous as they are insidious: A storm sash can crack from old age, ice can cause a stress fracture, or water damage…

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