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Egress window

Pros, Costs & Cons: Egress Windows

By definition, an egress window is any window that provides a safe escape route from your home in case of fire, as well as an access point for emergency personnel. That being said, they’re an important (and required) feature throughout your home. And if you’re adding an egress window in your basement, you’ll reap the…

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Double pane windows

Pros, Cons, and Costs: Double-Paned Windows

Double-paned windows are said to save energy, save money, and add to a home’s value, but we did some investigation and put their reputation to the test. Energy loss attributed to windows accounts for nearly 25 percent of the annual heating and cooling costs for the average American home, according to the Department of Energy….

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Replacement Windows

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Most people think of curb appeal as roofing, siding, and landscape, but new window installation offers a great opportunity to upgrade your home in style and resale value. Not to mention, with nearly 40 percent of central heating lost through windows and doors, quality window replacement with proper insulation ensures substantial savings on utility bills….

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thermal replacement windows

U-Factor & Thermal Replacement Windows

Modern windows rely on a wide array of technologies to achieve a level of energy efficiency as high as five times that of traditional windows. All that technology can also be confusing. Terms like “low-E glass” and “argon gas” don’t mean much to the average consumer. While you needn’t feel overwhelmed by these terms, a…

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Eco-friendly windows

“Green” Interior & Exterior Windows

A lot of emphasis is placed on energy-efficient windows these days, so much so that many homeowners overlook the simple and effective advantages of installing green interior and exterior window treatments. When it comes to home energy efficiency and reducing energy bills, however, how you choose to cover your home’s windows can make a big…

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