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Updated January 20, 2021

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How & Where to Get the Best Price on Cheap Vinyl Siding

Affordable vinyl siding for homes typically costs $2 per square foot with insulated or textured styles at $3 and up per square foot. Most homeowners choose plain horizontal or vertical panels for their classic look at a low price. The total cost also includes installation fees, applicable shipping costs, and additional materials like trims.

Cheap vinyl siding is available in many colors, textures, and sizes. This makes it appealing for many homeowners in addition to its versatility and durability. Since it’s such a common material, you have a vast collection of stores and retailers to choose from.

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  1. Affordable Vinyl Siding
    1. What Is the Best Value Siding?
    2. Disadvantages of Low-Priced Vinyl Siding
    3. Insulated vs. Uninsulated Siding
    4. Vinyl Siding Cheap Prices for Different Colors and Textures
  2. What Are Some Cheap Vinyl Siding Styles?
    1. Horizontal Panels
    2. Vertical Panels
    3. Scallops and Shingles
  3. Inexpensive Vinyl Siding Pricing and Suggestions for Every Home
    1. Cheap Vinyl Siding for Houses
    2. Cheap Vinyl Siding for Mobile Homes
  4. The Best Place to Buy Vinyl Siding at Cheap Prices
    1. Cheap Vinyl Siding Installation and Replacement
  5. Best Time to Buy Inexpensive Vinyl Siding
  6. Hiring Affordable Vinyl Siding Installers
  7. FAQs

Affordable Vinyl Siding

Once you’ve weighed out vinyl siding’s pros and cons, you can look at the different types available in stores. Even the most inexpensive vinyl siding at $2 per square foot still requires labor costs, so factor in these fees when making your decision.

What Is the Best Value Siding?

The most inexpensive vinyl siding is available at $1.60 per square foot. Plain panels (both vertical and horizontal) and board and batten panels are the cheapest. Choose uninsulated for even lower costs, but consider the disadvantages to these styles.

Disadvantages of Low-Priced Vinyl Siding

While lower-priced vinyl siding can be a successful choice while staying budget-friendly, but keep an eye out for a few drawbacks:

  • Might crack in extreme cold
  • Might melt in extreme heat
  • Improper installation can lead to rot, mold, and other issues

Insulated vs. Uninsulated Siding

Insulation is tempting for its energy-saving benefits, but its biggest advantage is impact damage protection. If you’re considering whether or not to insulate your home, consider these arguments from both sides.

Pros and Cons of Uninsulated Siding
Pros Cons
Lower cost Hollow space behind panels
Quicker installation More prone to impact damage
Easier to cut Prone to mold and rot
Pros and Cons of Insulated Siding
Pros Cons
Impact damage protection Higher cost
Some energy-saving benefits Low impact on heat escape
Protection against rot and mold Harder to cut

Vinyl Siding Cheap Prices for Different Colors and Textures

Plain vinyl is smooth, and the cheapest styles might look overtly synthetic. If you want a natural look, stick to higher-quality wood grain panels, shingles or shakes. These imitate more expensive siding like authentic wood while avoiding common issues like rotting, warping and fading.

Vinyl siding is available in many colors, including white, wooden, red, blue and grays. Plain colors like sand tend to be less expensive and can be paired with any trim color.

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What Are Some Cheap Vinyl Siding Styles?

Cheap vinyl siding for houses falls into three main categories: horizontal, vertical, and scallops or shingles.

Horizontal Panels

close up of horizontal vinyl siding on a house
  • Broken down into classic clapboard, Dutch lap and logs
  • Subcategorized into board and batten, beaded and plain
  • Cost-effective
  • Looks more traditional
  • Offers a variety of styles

Vertical Panels

close-up of vertical vinyl siding
  • Elegant but less common
  • Subcategorized into board and batten, beaded and plain
  • Might cost a bit more to install
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Has a more modern look

Scallops and Shingles

close-up of vinyl scallop siding
  • More unique look
  • Styles imitate classic wooden Victorian and Cedar shake siding
  • Cost-effective
  • Available for either vertical or horizontal panels
  • Much easier to maintain than wood
Cheap Vinyl Siding Types Per Square Foot
Horizontal Panels (Plain) $2
Insulated/Foam-Backed $3
Vertical (Plain) $1.60
Log $3
Board and Batten $1.60
Scallop $3.45
Cedar Shake/Shingle (Wood Grain) $3.50

Inexpensive Vinyl Siding Pricing and Suggestions for Every Home

Your choice of siding depends on your type of home. Mobile homes do best with horizontal siding while traditional homes have a more comprehensive selection.

Cheap Vinyl Siding for Houses

Many retailers offer both plain vertical and horizontal vinyl siding at low prices. For larger homes, these types are the most cost-effective. Smaller homes with a higher budget might opt for detailed siding such as wood grain shingles, log panels, or scallops.

Cheap Vinyl Siding for Mobile Homes

The traditional clapboard or Dutch lap are favorites for mobile homes. Insulated panels offer more protection against the elements and damage, but comes at a higher cost.

The Best Place to Buy Vinyl Siding at Cheap Prices

Affordable vinyl siding is available both online and at brick and mortars. The best choice for you depends on location, total budget, and vinyl siding preference.

Vinyl Siding Company Pros and Cons
Seller Pros Cons
Big Box Store Easy replacement in case of damage Less personable service
Medium-Large Franchises Sets available Higher costs than big box stores
Independent Contractors Detailed, personalized interactions Fewer options
Online Retailers Easy shopping High shipping costs

Cheap Vinyl Siding Installation and Replacement

Vinyl siding is one of the most common choices for homes, so professional installers or contractors are familiar with this material. Vinyl siding is also easy to replace. In most cases, you’ll need to replace a whole panel or shingle in case of a hole or other damage.

If you purchase big box stores or a large franchise, buying a single piece will be easy. If you want to repair your entire existing vinyl siding, use a liquid vinyl siding price estimator for a quote.

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Time to Buy Inexpensive Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding gets discounted in the fall due to slower business and new winter inventory. This is an opportune time to score some inexpensive vinyl siding. Similarly, contractors’ work slows during the fall, so you can also re-side your home at a discounted price. Homeowners prefer summer and spring installations, so plan accordingly for the best deals.

Hiring Affordable Vinyl Siding Installers

Ask for estimates from local installers if your retailer’s rates are steep. In most cases, you can negotiate a price or compare estimates to find the best rate. Take note of where you can cut costs, such as shipping and removal of old siding.


How can I calculate the total vinyl siding costs for my home?

Consult a vinyl siding cost estimator or get a quote on vinyl siding installation prices for your area. In addition to materials, total costs depend on your home size, contractor fees, trims, and equipment.

What are alternatives to cheap vinyl siding for houses?

Aluminum is another low-priced and popular option. Aluminum siding installation costs $2 to $5 per square foot. Plywood (T1-11) or oriented strand board (OSB) are also versatile and affordable. Plywood and OSB prices range from $3.50 to $7.20 per square foot.

What type of cheap vinyl siding for houses is the most popular?

The best style depends on your home type. Horizontal vinyl siding is a hit among homeowners for its classic, timeless look. Many homeowners favor scallops and shingles for accent areas like gables. Others combine up to three types of vinyl siding to achieve an eye-catching texture or pattern.

Do I need to hire a professional siding installer?

Generally, a professional contractor is best for installing vinyl siding. DIY vinyl siding installation is possible, but it requires extra time, special tools, and thorough preparation. Hard-to-reach areas like soffits, fascias, window mantels and gables might also prove challenging.

Panels and shingles might potentially fall off or peel when not installed properly, and you might end up facing additional repair costs. If you decide to go the DIY route, consult a professional or do extensive research before taking up your new project.

How much does siding cost in general?

Estimates for siding costs depend on the material, your home size, and labor costs. On the low end, aluminum costs $2 to $5 per square foot compared to brick, which is $9 to $29 per square foot.

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