Corner Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks

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Updated November 30, 2016

Corner kitchen sink

A corner sink may not have been the first sink installation that came to your head for kitchen or bathroom remodel, but it may be the best sinking option for your home. Interestingly, one of the only things corner bathroom sinks shares with corner kitchen sinks is their corner location.

They have different advantages and uses for each area of your home. Often, a corner bathroom sink is chosen for a bathroom because it’s a good way to conserve space, while a corner kitchen sink offers a unique appearance and design that helps to facilitate the kitchen “triangle.” Whether you’re undertaking a bathroom or kitchen remodel, it’s important to understand that a corner sink in either place is not the stepchild of standard sinks, but a beautiful and viable sinking option.

Corner Bathroom Sink

Corner bathroom sinks can conserve space in smaller bathrooms in a couple ways. First, while they can be mounted on a pedestal or within a countertop, just like any other sink, they are often wall-mounted. It’s helpful that the corner provides two separate walls to create a sturdy mount, but the wall mount also allows the space under the sink to remain unoccupied. You can put a trash can there or simply leave the space free to help reduce the claustrophobic feel of smaller bathrooms.

Still, corner bathroom sinks can be used in standard or larger-sized bathroom as well. Often, they’re a good idea for a more squarely shaped bathroom. Take a minute to imagine a square room and you can probably tell how corner space could be easily left unused. With a longer, narrower bathroom, on the other hand, corner sinks may as well be set in a countertop and extend the entire wall.

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Corner Kitchen Sink

Corner kitchen sinks aren’t nearly as much about conserving space, but this doesn’t mean they don’t use your kitchen space efficiently. The kitchen “triangle” refers to the three main areas of the kitchen: the refrigerator, the sink, and the oven range. Kitchen sinks are often frequently placed “in the middle” of the other two areas.

Consider a corner kitchen sink the end of two separate assembly lines: food preparation and cooking the food. Both require clean up. The kitchen corner sink is still a double sink installation, but the sinks are flared out like the wings of a butterfly. It makes for a distinctive, pleasing look and will also allow dirty pots and pans to flow into one sink and cutting boards, drinking glasses, and other light dishes into the other area. Similar to bathroom design, corner kitchen sinks often work best in a squarer kitchen space. It’s difficult to place a corner sink between the refrigerator and the oven range in a galley kitchen.


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