Custom Wine Cellars Add Form to Function

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Updated November 30, 2016

Custom wine cellar

Are you finding that your wine collection is accumulating? Is your wine rack getting full because it only holds a few bottles? A custom wine cellar might be your solution. I know what you’re thinking: Those are only for vineyards and mansions. Not anymore. Today, home wine cellars are becoming quite common for the everyday collector. Instead of displaying your wine on flimsy racks or in small holders, there is an easy and beautiful way to store your collection by investing in a custom wine cellar. Also, these areas can come in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to match your budget.

Visual Appeal

If you think that these cellars have to take up your entire basement or that you have to be a millionaire to afford one, think again. In fact, home wine cellars are becoming more affordable all the time due to the many styles and sizes that are available. Most of the racks are custom-made to fit your personal style and the size of your basement. And since they are almost exclusively made out of wood, a home wine cellar actually creates a chic look to your house, transforming an ordinary basement into a tasteful addition that adds value to your place.

Also, these cellars come in many different shapes due to their individuality. Some are simply a small shelving unit in the corner of your basement, while others can grow to be more extensive. People often think of cellars in terms of a large classy enclosure that is fully finished with furniture and racks upon racks of wine, but most of us don’t have a basement to can handle such a renovation. However, try to modify your definition.

Your wine storage can be a walk-in refrigerator, a series of interlocking racks, or a collection of wine cabinets. There are many beautiful accessories that can create this type of space, but if you want to buy a full-scale home wine storage, the expense is still affordable. Many come in the form of kits (depending on the size and shape) that can be easily assembled. Or when it comes to designing your own full-scale cellar, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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Functional Purposes

Home wine cellars not only look classy and elegant, they also have a purpose. Wine is an investment, so a cellar is simply a way to store your investment safely and conveniently. Most custom-made racking systems allow you to store each individual bottle separately so not only can you read the label easily, but you can also select a bottle without rearranging your collection. These racking systems also secure your bottles, allowing your wine to lay flat so there is less risk of sediment being disturbed. Plus, if you have a large wine collection, these additions are a great way to maximize your personal space. Why have small racks take up your entire kitchen when you can safely store your wine below?

Also, cellars were originally invented because the wine needed to be kept at a certain temperature with the proper amount of humidity. This remains true to this day, but now many cellars for wine come with climate control units to sustain the appropriate air flow and temperature. Plus, they are made out of materials (such as maple, which is strong and beautiful but won’t “flavor” your wine) that can withstand the atmosphere without damage.

Wine isn’t cheap and bottles can take up a lot of excess room in any home. So why not protect your investment, make the most of your space, and be able to display your wine with a beautiful presentation. Home wine cellars are able to accomplish all of this while also giving your home a stylish addition.

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