Dining Room Sets

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Updated October 20, 2016

Dining room set

In many modern households, eating occurs all over the place. Kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms are often where meals happen on a daily basis, while the dining room is reserved for special occasions. When it’s time to pull out the fine china and silverware, it’s nice to have a dining room set that will look just as good.

The Basic Dining Room Set

The most simplistic dining room furniture set is nothing more than a table and a few chairs. If the room is small, that’s probably all you want in it. The most important aspect of a nice meal is having enough room for everyone present to be comfortable. When dealing with limited space, the best way to get elegance is to keep it simple.

For small rooms, a dining room set is much easier on the budget than it would be for a large room. Since there are fewer pieces of furniture to purchase, many people don’t mind paying a little extra for each item. In this case, quality is preferable to quantity.

Formal Dining Room Furniture Sets

A formal dining room set can be rather expensive and will definitely require a descent amount of space. However, for those with the room and the budget, there is no finer way to entertain. A formal dining room furniture set is made up of a table large enough to seat a minimum of six, chairs, and a buffet. If you have the space, a china cabinet is also a good idea for extra convenience.

When dealing with a large group of people, table space becomes a big issue. It takes a lot of food to feed a large party, and the buffet is there to bear the brunt of the load. Once again, pleasing the guests is the most important part of the meal, and while a table filled to the edges with food might look good, it doesn’t leave enough room to dine comfortably.

When dealing with more than four or five people, rectangular tables are generally a better fit than round or square ones. Rectangular tables have less dead space in the middle. A square or circular table will certainly have more room for a centerpiece, but a large centerpiece isn’t always a great idea anyway because it may block people’s view of each other and hinder conversation.

Color, Material, and Style

Whether you are going for classic, contemporary, or country, you want your dining room set to be comfortable, above all else. Wood, metal, and glass are the most common materials for tables, and they can all look great. If you want your dining room set to last a long time or possibly be passed to the next generation, good heavy hardwoods have been doing that for centuries.

When shopping around for furniture, pick out something that appeals to you as opposed to something that will look good where you’re putting it. Furniture, dining room or otherwise, is a big investment, and it can also be moved to other settings. If you buy a new house or if the set is eventually going to be in another family member’s home, it won’t matter what the original room it was placed in looks like. Match the room to the furniture, not the other way around. Paint and curtains are cheap when compared to fine furniture.


  1. Joy, December 10:

    I can’t agree more with the opinion on formal dinning set. I think an investment in one is never a waste of money. They last for a very long time. Money well spent!

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