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Updated October 20, 2016

Dog house

Just because you’re getting an outside dog, doesn’t mean that he or she won’t need the comforts of a home. Outdoor dogs are often left to fend for themselves under porches or beneath over hangs. Owners and prospective owners should take into account that a dog’s transition from indoors to outdoors could take some time. Ideally, those in the market for what will eventually become an outside dog should make sure to have the dog house ready and begin setting the ground rules when your pet is a puppy. You know what they say about teaching old dogs new tricks! So, why not get your Spot a place to call his own?

Benefits of Having a Dog House

Some dogs need a lot of time outside. Depending on the breed, a dog might be more comfortable with direct access to the yard. A dog door will do the trick in some cases. In the case of a very frisky canine, a life outside is a better option. It will save the owner a lot of headache due to chewed furniture, “accidents” on the carpet, and tracked in dirt and fur. For these cases, a dog house provides excellent shelter from the elements and gives your pet a place to chill out and sleep without any hassles in the home. If an owner is worried about their pet’s comfort, it should be noted that modern dog house plans and kits are designed to make the outside dog just as comfortable as it’s inside counterpart.

Easy Assembly Dog House Kits

There are quite a few dog house companies out there who will provide you with a kit and instructions to house any variety or number of dogs. They are simple and require only the most basic carpentry skills to put together. For dogs in extra hot or extra cold conditions, many of these kits can be purchased with extra insulation. Some companies even offer a small air conditioning and heating unit designed with your pooch in mind!

Kit dog houses are usually made of metal, wood, or plastic. Each has its own pros and cons, and depending on which you purchase, the finished product may or may not suit your needs. When buying a wood dog house kit, cedar is preferable because of its natural resistance to bugs and the elements. Metal dog houses are very durable, but insulation tends to be a problem; extra insulation should be taken into consideration while shopping. Plastic dog houses are inexpensive and easy to put together, though they vary greatly in durability and insulation.

Custom Dog House Plans

A handy pet owner might do well to consider buying dog house plans. This will give you a lot more control over what the house will look like and how it will function. Dog house plans are significantly more cost effective than a kit (plans for small houses with very simple designs are available for free online; plans for something more sophisticated will cost a little, but not a lot). They will provide you with the professional expertise to ensure your structure will be stable and sound without the added costs of shipping and pre-drilled lumber. Die hard DIY’ers with good knowledge of tools and design can make their own plans and build the house from scratch.

If you like to truly pamper your pets, you can also hire someone to create custom dog house plans. This way, your dog will have a place that is truly his or her own home. But whether you create custom dog house plans or purchase ready-made plans, you should look for something more than the typical dog house. Use the need for a dog house as a landscaping opportunity. A ramp will give your dog an elevated perch to view the neighborhood. A multi-room, wooden dog house with windows and decorative woodworking can generate oohs and aahs from guests and neighbors.

Don’t Forget the Benefit of Dog Fences

Along with your new dog house, you should look at ways that will define your dog’s stomping ground. After all, you didn’t buy your home without looking at the yard and the landscaping, did you? A wooden dog fence is a great pet perimeter as well as a beautiful landscaping feature. An electric dog fence perimeter will allow your property to remain open and retain sight lines to maintain your home’s unique curb appeal. Just make sure your dog house has its own home security to give comfort and safety to the outdoor member of your household.

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