Does Your Old Doorway Need a Makeover?

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Updated March 2, 2017


We’ve all heard the cliché: first impressions stick with us. If this is true for humans, why wouldn’t the same be true for you home? The way your house looks says something about you as a homeowner, and as a person. And since we usually enter from a garage or porch, the front entrance is typically reserved for guests. Therefore it is essential your doorway creates a welcoming invitation, while still providing security. Since most of us neglect this part of the house, every once in awhile it’s important to inspect and enhance your entryway. And while replacing an actual door can be expensive, there are some simple and very quick renovations that can make a threshold more elegant and safe.

Door Knocker

The easiest way to make an entrance more stylish is to install a door knocker. Though these items may seem dated, a door knocker can actually add an old-world charm to your doorway. Not only can they be functional, they also come in many shapes and sizes to match your exterior decor. Though you certainly want to choose one that fits your personal tastes, the most common style is a brass door knocker that conveys a classic look yet can also be engraved with your family name.


If you’ve never replaced your handle-and-lock system, it may be time to give them a quick inspection. To keep your home safe, it’s important to keep your security system up to date, and annual inspections are a great way to make your home at least feel safer. It’s best to have both a handle lock and a deadbolt to ensure against intruders, and it may be a good idea to have an expert locksmith come out and give it a once over. Plus, replacing your old handle with a new model can also add a small flourish to your entryway, especially if you invest in one that creates a uniform look to your home: it’s a good idea to match your handle with the other details of your door, such as choosing the same color as your deadbolt or the same material as your brass door knocker.

Holiday Apparel

Nothing is more welcoming than some holiday cheer. There is a limitless supply of decorations for a doorway, including metal hangers, garland strands, or wreaths that can hang around your door knocker. Either way, some seasonal joy can instantly bring friendly warmth to any home.

Permanent Fixtures

Why leave your porch completely bare? What’s inviting about a slab of concrete and a locked door? Instead, add some wrought iron furniture for lounging, a newspaper box for the paperboy, or a welcome mat for your guests. Make sure none of your porch lights are burnt out for both aesthetic and security reasons. In fact, the more you have your porch lights blazing, the more engaging your entryway appears. Any kind of permanent decoration makes your house look lived in, therefore making it look homier.


You don’t ever use your own doorbell, but they can often go on the fritz. So it’s important to inspect it once a year to see if it is in working order so your guests don’t have to depend on your door knocker. Also, there’s nothing less appealing than a white piece of plastic sitting on your door frame. Maybe purchase a stylish backing for your bell to enhance its look or buy one that glows in the dark for easier detection.

Are all these ideas essential to your home? Of course not. But any kind of augmentation helps your home’s curb appeal, and any type of routine inspection makes your home more secure. But whichever method you choose, always make sure it fits your own personal style so that your entryway isn’t only welcoming to your guests but to yourself as well.

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