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Updated December 6, 2016

Kitchen feng shui

The art of feng shui, or the arranging and positioning of different objects to let the energy flow better in your house and work space, is said to promote health and energy.

Feng shui, which means “wind and water,” is an ancient Chinese study based on the belief that energy flows in the environment of a home, office or any other place. According to this belief, every building has unique energy characteristics that need to be individually addressed.

A feng shui analysis examines the surrounding environment, the building, how the people interact with the building, and also considers time-related factors. Based upon these considerations, believers say that recommendations can be made on how to improve your relationship with the environment around you. Alleged results include prosperity, health benefits, improved relationships, and all-around well-being.

A feng shui consultant can show you the connection between the interior and exterior of a home or office, and how it relates to the occupant’s outlook on life. It can include rearranging furniture to create better “energy patterns” and eliminating clutter, which blocks creativity and growth. It is also common to use color associations to promote good health and well-being, and quell uncomfortable feelings.

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While a professional feng shui consultation can provide you with the strongest results, there are some things you can do yourself. Whether you want to attack your entire home, or just the areas you spend the most time in, for most people the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, even small changes can have a significant effect in making your home as harmonious as possible:

  • Arrange furniture so you can face the doors while sitting.
  • Make the environment much more comfortable by arranging seating areas away from drafts and adjusting lighting.
  • Clean up clutter to encourage relaxation and help you to find things easier.
  • Widen the front walkway to your home to make it more inviting.
  • Place a large mirror behind the stove so that you won’t be surprised when someone comes up behind you.
  • Hang a mirror up at the end of a hallway so that it does not seem like a dead end.
  • Be sure paths between rooms and through rooms are wide and easy to use. This allows you to walk around easily, as well as promotes chi.
  • Oil your doors so they don’t squeak, reducing mental irritation.
  • Add color or art to bring in desired energy.
  • Add trees, plants or upward lighting to raise energy.


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