How Much Does Furniture Assembly Cost?

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Updated January 26, 2018

Assembling furniture from chipboard, using a cordless screwdriver, close up.

Updated September 2017

Assembling furniture alone can be tedious and time consuming. Following elaborate instruction and compiling the right tools, parts, and spares for installation could be a devil of a job. With one wrong move, the entire project could go downhill. To ensure the safety and stability of the furniture, it is best to leave it to the professionals to assist you with assembly. This cost guide gives you the average labor costs for hiring professionals to assemble furniture.

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  4. Why Hire a Pro?

Ikea Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

Ikea sells furniture at low prices, due in part to the way it’s packaged for buyers. Most Ikea flat pack furniture (or ready-to-assemble furniture) is easy to assemble as it comes with simple parts and a detailed manual. Even still, large items can be tricky when you don’t have the time or patience to assemble on your own. It is better to hire a professional assembler to do the job once the product is delivered or brought home. They can ensure that your new armoire, dresser, or bedroom set looks as good in your home as it did on the showroom floor. Many other stores or home decor boutiques sell flat pack furniture.

Cost of Furniture Assembly

Once the furniture is home, putting it together could take about 1 to 4 hours based on the complexity of design, number of parts, and other factors. Hiring professional assemblers is the easiest way to complete the task quickly and correctly. They unpack the boxes, check the parts for damage, assemble the pieces using their tools, and dispose of the boxes. The assemblers charge you only for the labor cost of assembly which does not include repairs or moving. Discussed below are few factors that may help determine the overall cost of the task.

Type & Size

The size of the furniture is an important factor in arriving at the cost of assembly. Small furniture like stools, chairs, and small end tables can be assembled easily, resulting in lower costs. On the other hand, assembling tables, chests (1 or 2 drawers), or desks are comparatively complex and thus you will need to budget more. Beds, wardrobes, and shelving units are even bigger and the complexity of its parts and design will make the assembly more difficult. Cost of assembling such heavier and bulky furniture is expensive. For instance:

Item Cost
 Standard Desk $100
 Desk with Drawers $120
 Corner or L-Shaped Desk $170
 Bed Frames $70
 Storage Beds $160
 Bunk or Murphy Beds $160

Number of Hardware Parts

Beds, dressers, and shelving units have several hardware parts that need to be put together to finish the assembly. The more complex the piece of furniture, the greater the cost. Furniture with simple installation procedures like chairs and tables will have lower assembly costs since they contain fewer parts.

Item Cost
 Bookcase 1-2 shelves $80 – $100
 Bookcase 3-5 shelves $100 – 120
 Bookcase 6-8 shelves $110 – $130
 3 Piece Dining Set $100 – $120
 5 Piece Dining Set $130 – $150
 7 Piece Dining Set $160 – $180
 9 Piece Dining Set $210 – $230

Number of Assemblers Needed

Certain furniture like beds, swing sets, or wardrobes are heavy and may require more than one person for assembly. As a result, the overall cost of assembly will be higher. Below is an estimate of how many people and how much money it will require to assemble the below piece of furniture.

Item No. of Assemblers Est. Cost
 Ikea Brusali Hutch 2 $105
 Ikea MALM Storage Bed 2 $120
 Wayfair TV Stand 1 $45


The cost of assembly depends on the time it takes to install each piece. The ideal time for setting up a bed is 2 hours at most, while it generally takes 6 to 10 hours to install a swing set outdoors. Here is a general breakdown of time and costs for installation of the below items.

Item Assembly Time Est. Cost
 Ikea MALM Bed 1:15 hrs. $75
 Ikea BILLY Bookcase 45 min. $30
 Cedar Swing Set 6-10 hrs. $360-$900
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Estimated Hourly Cost for Labor

Generally, assemblers charge by the hour and the hourly rates depend on the geographical location where you live. The costs in New York City might not be the same as those in Texas or Ohio. For instance, the cost of installing a kitchen cabinet in New York City could fall between $190-$310. Whereas, the same costs somewhere between $130 to $210 in Austin, Texas, and Ashley, Ohio. The average costs for assembling different types of furniture is listed below.


The costs of assembling a few common bedroom pieces are listed below. This is only an estimate of the assembly cost, which may differ from item to item and brand to brand. Depending on the number of drawers, type of bed, and number of shelves, the price of installation may vary.

Item Est. Cost
 Bunk Bed  $120
 Bureaus  $150
 Changing Table  $100
 Crib  $95
 Dresser  $100 – $120
 Nightstand  $80
 Shower Chair  $95
 Standing Bed  $75 $100
 Storage Bed  $120
 Wardrobe  $120 – $240

Dining & Kitchen

Item Est. Cost
 Baker’s Rack  $90
 Buffet or Sideboard  $130
 Chairs  $80
 Coffee Table  $80
 Dining Table  $100
 End Table  $85
 Dining Room Set  $110 – $215
 High Cabinet  $105
 Kitchen Cart  $90
 Kitchen Island  $160
 Kitchen Pantry  $130
 Storage Shelves  $100
 Tables  $80
 Wine Rack  $185 – $150

Living Room

Item Est. Cost
 Armoire Style Cabinets  $150
 Bookcase  $90 – $120
 Curio Cabinet  $125
 Desks  $100 – $170
 Entertainment Center  $160
 Futon  $100
 Media Cabinet  $120
 Shelf Units  $115
 TV Stand  $100

Lawn/ Outdoor

Item Est. Cost
 Chair  $85
 Chaise Lounge  $115
 Metal Furniture  $120 – $300
 Plastic  $170 – $150
 Rocking Chair/Glider  $90
 Swing Set  $360 – $900
 Table  $170
 Wicker Furniture  $100 – $215
 Wood Furniture  $140 – $400
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Why Hire a Professional

It is certainly possible for you to assemble flat pack furniture on your own, but getting a professional assembler to do it has its perks. Here is a list of reasons why hiring a professional may be worth the cost.

  • They can tackle any difficulties that may arise during the assembly.
  • Some furniture assembly calls for more sophisticated tools that professionals are experienced in using.
  • To ensure the safety and the stability of the furniture.
  • Paying a professional can minimize your personal stress.

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