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Gardens are fluid in their design and annual appearance. You can continually rotate and change what you want to plant in them, but most gardens also have a few permanent or semi-permanent structures that help define them. These structures can be almost anything. They can be as elaborate as a garden gazebo or as simple as garden edging or walkways. Some gardeners even use evergreen trees to define the shape and scope of their home gardens. Among the more popular of these structures, garden benches and sculptures add a permanent sense of beauty to your outdoor space and place superb accents among your plants and flowers.

Garden Bench Styles

  • Stone Benches: Stone benches are great for ornamental benches and should last for as long as you own your home. They may not be the most comfortable benches available, but if you don’t plan on spending long amounts of time sitting on your garden bench, they’re great. The type of stone used for the bench will determine how much they cost.

  • Metal and Wrought Iron Benches: Wrought iron benches are probably the best choice for homeowners who want to enjoy both the look and comfort of a garden bench. They can be rather expensive compared to other benches. Metal benches of aluminum give you many of the same advantages for less cost, but sacrifice some of the aesthetic appeal and tradition of wrought iron.

  • Wood Benches: Wood benches can be comfortable and beautiful. They probably won’t be the most expensive bench you can find, but a quality wood bench won’t be the cheapest, either. The main concern you’ll have with a wood bench is durability and the possibility of attracting garden pests.

  • Japanese Garden Benches: These garden benches are made from any material, but place an emphasis on comfort and subtly fitting in with their surroundings. They are meant to fit into the style of your garden, as opposed to help defining it. Accessories such as lanterns and ornamental grasses are a great idea for these benches.

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Garden Sculptures

You may be trying to choose between purchasing a garden bench and a garden sculpture, but they also work great together. The bench will provide a place to sit and enjoy your garden and the sculpture. Naturally, garden sculptures come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. You can buy a garden sculpture from a garden supply store, have one shipped to your home from an online retailer, or hire a contractor/artisan to build a sculpture just for you. They can be relatively simple or elaborate works of art. They can be representative of a thing or symbol (such as an angel) or more freeform. If you’re just starting out, you might want to consult a professional gardener to explore how a garden bench or sculpture is going to influence your gardening options for many seasons to come. Well-designed garden structures should always enhance your design, not limit what you can do with your space.

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