When and Why You Need Experts to Lift and Move Heavy Items at Home

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Updated January 26, 2018

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It is well known that moving services are offered by a wide range of companies to assist homeowners when moving between homes. Another offering by some of these companies, and many individuals, is internal moving, or the service of lifting and moving heavy items within your house. The physically demanding nature of the job means that most homeowners are rendered incapable of carrying heavier items like furniture and electronics on their own, especially when moving between floors or around tight corners. Under these circumstances, they look to delegate this task to experts who are trained in and adept at lifting and moving heavy items.mista

The most common situation where in-house movers are hired is during a move within an apartment or between the different floors of a house. Besides these common occurrences, there are several other situations where the need to hire internal movers arises.


Renovating a home is an exciting, though often tough task as it takes a toll on your mental, physical, and financial well-being. Homeowners often look to make full-scale changes to their, or in there, homes to give them a fresh makeover. In the process of demolishing and rebuilding certain elements of your home, redoing existing designs, or taking care of other repair works, it becomes imperative to move furniture around your home. You can choose to do it yourself or ask help from friends. But as is the case with most amateur lifters and movers, you stand a risk of injuring yourself or damaging your furniture and other heavy electronics.

In this case, hiring a professional lifter and mover can prove very beneficial. With remodeling work being done constantly around your home, you’ll want to move your furniture out temporarily or store it in your basement or shed. Sometimes, when flooring, painting, or other repairs are being performed in your house, the need to safeguard your furniture and electronics attains high priority. Homeowners can contact room-to-room movers to ensure their items aren’t damaged during renovations.

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Furniture Arrangements

The look and feel of your house can tend to become stagnant over time. In such cases, homeowners can rearrange their furniture give their living space a fresh look. Moving a couch or bed and repositioning it can make your house a lot more spacious, but it can be a more taxing task than many anticipate.

Many people fail to realize that in-home movers can be hired for simple yet laborious tasks like these. You can guide these pros to rearrange furniture in the same room or a different one according to what suits your style.

Home Staging

If you are looking to put your house on the market, keep in mind that staged homes have a higher chance of being sold. Home staging or styling involves beautifying your home to make it more presentable to potential buyers in the real estate market. Compared to empty or improperly staged homes, staged ones have the tendency to sell faster and at higher prices. You can choose to mount art and paintings or enhance lighting so as to give the house the much-needed face-lift it deserves.

Home staging usually requires furniture to be moved and rearranged to make the house look more spacious and comfortable. In-home furniture movers can be of great assistance when redecorating.

Storage or Disposal Moves

Many homes feel crowded and small due to the presence of sizable, unused items. Homeowners can choose to ship some belongings to a storage facility if they deem it fit for use at a later stage, or sell it for a competitive price. Either way, one will have to lift and move these heavy items outside the home to a basement or a moving truck.

If your belongings aren’t oversized and are situated on the ground floor, moving them can be simple. A few friends or family members helping may be sufficient. On the other hand, if the item is bulky and needs to be brought down the stairs, then furniture lifters and movers are preferred.

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Special Events

Hosting a party can be a backbreaking job, considering the efforts that go into throwing a fun party for the guests. You tasked with procuring food and other party essentials. all of which need to be done well ahead of time. You may find that you aren’t left with the time needed to prepare you house and space for the event.

Robust and posh furniture can be damaged during a party when your home is full of guests. As a result, it’s best to keep your furniture sheltered during your event. You can hire expert lifters and movers to move your furniture and keep it stashed away until the party is over.

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