Home Gardening Guide for Your Family

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Updated January 29, 2021

Home garden

Home gardening is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors with family and boost curb appeal along the way. First, you’ll need to decide on what you’ll want to plant, and where you’ll put them. There are a few options for planting method:

Talk to your kids about what they’d like to grow together. Spend time researching the best garden vegetables or easiest fruit trees to grow in your backyard. Your family can also design a flower garden with a flower identification guide.  

mother and child in home vegetable garden

Starting Your Home Garden

Next, take a look at the benefits of landscaping your yard with raised bed gardening. Compare it to other methods, like window boxes or containers. If it’s helpful, you can hire a landscaper designer near you for insight on the type of planters or beds that make your property stand out.

After you decide the type and location of the plants, make sure you invest in tools that everyone can safely use. Depending on the age of your kids, this can range from protective gloves to a smaller toolset.

Here’s more information on how to start your family home garden:


Homegrown vegetables often have more nutrients and cost less than what you’ll pay to buy them in local produce stores. It also presents an opportunity to teach children about how food travels from garden to table. Additionally, it’s a healthy outdoor chore you can do as a family. Looking for a way to improve taste and reduce the need for artificial fertilizer? A visual guide to companion planting can help.

Here are additional resources to help:

Vegetable Growing Guides

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watermelon in home fruit garden


Similar to growing vegetables, you’ll save time and money with fruit plants. Make sure you check to see which ones thrive in your area. Plum, peach and pear trees are some of the best fruit trees for warm climates, while Honeycrisp apple and cherry trees are the best fruit trees for cool climates. Ultimately, depending on where you live, there are a wide variety of other fruits you can grow in different locations. If you think you need a hand, research how to find and hire a gardener.

Fruit Growing Guides

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For cooking enthusiasts, purchasing herbs can get expensive. Rather than making continuous trips to the grocery store, why not grow some of your own? Basil, parsley, chive — there are many options, and herbs are amongst the easiest types of plants to maintain. This is also a chance to teach children about cooking, including how spices and herbs can add flavor to favorite dishes.

Herb Growing Guides

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