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Updated April 11, 2019

Learning to sew can be an exciting process. It’s important to master the functions and features of a sewing machine when you want to begin sewing. Some sewing machines are amazingly complex, while others are simpler in design. Choose a sewing machine with basic features as you begin learning how to sew, so you are not overwhelmed by complicated instructions. Once you know how to operate your sewing machine, you can begin learning basic skills such as stitching seams, sewing a hem, and gathering. Beginning projects might include sewing a pillow, a pillowcase, or even a simple dress. With practice and experience, you can advance to more difficult projects such as a quilt or a handmade bag to give away as a gift. Many online resources are available to assist you with sewing projects. You can find free or inexpensive patterns, sewing guides, and many helpful tips that will help you learn how to sew successfully.

Preparation to Sew (PDF)

Fabric and pattern preparation are important parts of the sewing process. Learn about these steps to ensure a successful project.

How to Sew a Button on a Shirt

Follow this easy guide to fix loose or detached buttons.

Sewing With Nancy

Watch videos from this TV series to learn tips and tricks to use on your sewing projects.

Sewing Overview (PDF)

Explore some simple and basic projects included in this sewing guide. You might make a travel kit or a tissue holder as you begin learning how to sew.

Magical Pillowcase Tutorial (PDF)

Pillowcases are a simple project, easily completed by beginners. Follow this tutorial to make a magical pillowcase.

Teach Yourself to Sew: Patterns 101 (video)

This video covers the basics of how to understand and use a sewing pattern.

Jean Pocket Purse (PDF)

Cut out a pocket from an old pair of jeans and use it to make a jean pocket purse.

Easy-to-Sew Pillows

HGTV offers information on how to make your own colorful pillows to brighten up a room.

Sewing Machine Safety (PDF)

Follow sewing machine safety guidelines to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself while sewing. You could injure your eyes or your fingers if you are not careful.

Making a Sock Monster

With a pair of socks and some basic sewing supplies, you can make a fun sock monster for the kids.

Sewing Synthetic Suedes

Synthetic suede is an appealing fabric to use for sewing projects because it is inexpensive and easy to handle. Follow these tips when you work with synthetic suede to ensure that your finished result is correct.

Sewing With Micro-Fibers

When you choose micro-fiber fabric for a sewing project, explore these guidelines. Micro-fibers require special materials and equipment for a positive finished result.

Designer Pillowcase (PDF)

Choose some coordinating fabric and stitch up a designer pillowcase with these easy-to-follow instructions.

Creative Kindness Hats to Wear and Share (PDF)

Peruse this instruction sheet to see several different patterns for fun and attractive hats. Many of these patterns are suitable for beginners.

How to Sew Simple Cloth Dinner Napkins

Read these instructions to make a classy accent for your next dinner party.

Sewing Machine Buying Tips

These tips will help you explore various sewing machines to choose the best one. Beginners should focus on a simple and straightforward machine without many complicated features.

Thread Essentials (PDF)

Thread may be more complicated than you think. To ensure a successful project, choose thread in the correct weight and finish.

Men’s Day-to-Day Sewing Tips: Survival Guide

Sewing is not just for women. Men can enjoy this hobby, too. Men may also need sewing skills to perform simple repairs in clothing.

Teach Yourself to Sew: Sewing for Beginners Video Series

Learning how to thread your sewing machine is one of the first skills you will need to master as you begin sewing.

Easy Sewing Projects

Martha Stewart presents some simple sewing projects for people learning how to sew.

How We Tested: Sewing Machines

Good Housekeeping tested several sewing machines for their features and user-friendliness. Explore the results of this test to help you choose a sewing machine.

Travel Companion Neck Pillow (PDF)

Have a restful flight with this travel neck pillow, which you can sew yourself before you head to the airport.

Sewing Basics (PDF)

This resource guide provides instructions for using a sewing machine, purchasing materials, and performing basic sewing processes.

Stuffed Menswear Bunny

Learn how to make an adorable stuffed bunny from used men’s clothing on this page.

Guide to Sewing Hems (PDF)

Sewing garments will necessitate stitching hems. Review this guide to learn various ways to sew hems.

Notions Guide

Learn about various notions you will need to sew. Notions include needles, needle threaders, pins, seam rippers, thimbles, scissors, and more.

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