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Updated November 8, 2016


Home security is something every homeowner should take seriously, and two of the leading home security companies out there are ADT and Brinks. You can’t really go wrong with either company, although one or the other may suit your particular home security needs better than the other. One thing is clear: Since you’ll want to talk to multiple home security companies as it is, these two companies should top your list of candidates to provide you with a home security system.

State-of-the Art Home Security

In addition to the fact Brinks and ADT Home Security are trusted names when it comes to home security, their established, large revenue bases allow them to invest in research and development, offering you the latest and most innovative ways to protect your home. Burglars are always finding ways to crack security systems and home security companies must, then, counter with ever-improving security technology. If you’re looking for the tightest home security available, these companies are the most likely to have it. Of course, they also mass-produce and streamline more basic home security systems for effective, low-cost security systems.

ADT Home Security

ADT Home Security will not only provide you a powerful, reliable home security system, they can help you decide which system is best for your home, given your area and your budget. They have advisers that will come to your home and evaluate the current level of your security and explain to you the exact 24-hour monitoring and protection services their home security system provides. This explanation and a home security demo will make operating the system easier and reduce the incidence of false alarms. They also offer money-back guarantees if you’re not satisfied within the first six months, and they’ll even pay your deductible up to $500 if your home is broken into.

Brinks Home Security

Consistently receiving awards from Consumer’s Digest, Brinks Home Security is a topnotch home security company. They have extensively trained and licensed employees and emergency back-up facilities to give you the peace-of-mind that a rapid response will occur in the event of a security breach. They make home security a primary focus and tailor their systems to provide residential protection. Their equipment is easy-to-use and will protect your family from not just burglars, but carbon monoxide, as well. This equipment undergoes testing from an independent company and, should something go wrong, can be repaired or replaced 24 hours a day.

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The Cost of Home Security

You may already know that installing a home security system can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance. You should check with your insurance company and consider these savings when purchasing your home security system. A typical home monitoring fee will probably run you about $30-$35/month or about $300 annually. You may be saving $20/month or more on your insurance policy, however, leaving you only an extra $10-$15 to pay per month. If your homeowners insurance isn’t offering you approximately a 20% discount on your insurance premium, it’s probably time to shop around for another insurance company. Needless to say, insurance companies are rarely as reliable or trustworthy as a quality home security company.

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