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Hot tubs and spas are great for relaxation, physical therapy, and family fun, but how do you protect it when you’re not using it? When one thinks of spa maintenance, they often think of chemical treatment and cleaning, but the easiest and most efficient way to preserve the quality of your spa is with a hot tub cover.

Keeping the Wrong Stuff Out

When you’re not using your spa, a hot tub cover is able to protect it from unwanted contaminants. Since hot tubs are often used in the fall and winter, hot tub covers create an excellent barrier for leaves, sticks, and snow. Since warm water can create bacteria, a cover can actually prevent mildew. Also, they are great at keeping out pests, such as bugs, rodents, or bothersome neighbors. Just in covering your hot tub, it becomes somewhat hidden and creates a subtle “No Trespassing” to uninvited guests.

Keeping the Right Stuff In

Hot tub covers don’t just make for barriers; they also create a wonderful seal for you spa when it is not in use. Most people keep their hot tubs on at all times, not just for easy convenience but because it helps to save money. By maintaining a constant temperature, most spa owners save money in the long run. Hot tub covers are the best way to sustain that water temperature by protecting the spa from the cold weather outside and producing a seal for the warm water inside. Instead of making the spa work to keep the temperature steady, your cover does the work for it by providing natural insulation and lowering your energy bills.

Keeping Up Appearances

When you’re not using your spa, the cover for your hot tub makes it look stylish and tasteful by blending it into the look of your house. Covers come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, each with their own functional form. Some are specifically made to insulate, while other covers come in aluminum in order to keep your spa safe from heavier weights, such as playing children or snow accumulation. Whatever you choose, these covers are made for convenience with built-in handles, easy roll-back features, and light-weight materials.

Also consider an automatic model for added convenience. The cost of automatic pool covers may be well worth it to stay dry and inside while the pool pullss on its protective layer.

Though hot tubs need a lot of care to keep them safe, beautiful, and in good condition, covers are the easiest way to accomplish all of these things. They are fairly inexpensive, are always durable, and pay for themselves rather quickly. So don’t skimp on a cheap one; you’re protecting an expensive investment, so the least you could do is invest in its protection.

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