How To Clean Marble Floors

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Published July 16, 2021

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July 16, 2021

Reviewed by Asya Biddle, Cleaning Services Professional & Owner of The Dust Busters, Williamsport, PA
Written by HomeAdvisor.

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  1. How to Clean Marble Floors By Hand
  2. Cleaning Grooves or Grout Between Marble Tile Floors
  3. How to Polish Marble Floors
  4. Using Steam Cleaners
  5. Maintaining Marble Floors

Marble is a beautiful, natural stone flooring material that can last for decades. However, marble floors require significant cleaning and maintenance in order to remain in great condition. A professional cleaner will know how best to clean your floors. If you choose to go it alone, follow these steps and mind the tips below.

How to Clean Marble Floors By Hand

  1. Move any furniture, rugs or household items out of the way.
  2. Remove any dirt or dust using a broom or the soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. Don’t use the beater bar, as this can damage flooring.
  3. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and a squirt of ordinary dish soap. You can also use a pH neutral cleaner. Avoid using acidic cleaners, as these can leave behind spots and residue.
  4. Either by hand or with a soft mop, clean the surface of the marble.
  5. Dry the surface of the floors as you go to prevent standing water from soaking into the marble.

Tip: Bringing in professional floor cleaners twice a year can help you maintain clean, polished and attractive marble floors.

Cleaning Grooves or Grout Between Marble Tile Floors

For marble tile floors, you’ll need to clean the lines between the tiles. The gap between tiles may be barely visible, or it could be a thick line of grout or caulk. This area can grow dirty over time and make the floor look unappealing. Clean the spaces between tiles using an old toothbrush and a solution of dish soap and water.

Tip: A professional tile and grout cleaner can take care of this project for between $0.50 and $3 per square foot.

How to Polish Marble Floors

  • Purchase a commercial marble polish or create one mixing four tablespoons of baking soda and three cups of water.
  • Use a soft rag to rub the flooring with your solution, giving extra attention to dingy or stained areas.
  • Let the mixture sit on the marble and dry for up to four hours.
  • Wipe the surface with a wet microfiber cloth to rinse the tiles.

Tip: A professional natural stone polisher can help you with this project.

Using Steam Cleaners on Marble Floors

Steam cleaning machines can be used for more than just carpets – they can also help clean and restore your marble floors. Professional floor cleaners will typically have steam cleaners specifically designed for marble. These machines work using hot water extraction to get a deep clean on the marble surface.

Tip: For stubborn stains, hold the nozzle of the steam cleaner directly over the affected area for up to a minute. This will help draw out unwelcome stains, spills and grease.

How to Keep Marble Floors Clean Over Time

  • Encourage visitors to remove shoes before entering to reduce debris. Or, place a runner and rugs in the main entryway.
  • If liquids are spilled, be sure to clean them as quickly as possible.
  • Take extra care to keep acidic items like vinegar, coffee, lemon and tomato sauce away from the floors. These can eat away at the sealant.
  • Hire a professional to regularly seal your floors to prevent staining and damage.

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