How to Fold Clothes to Save Space

By HomeAdvisor

Updated August 19, 2021

Folding clothes is supposed to be simple. Our parents teach us to do it when we’re still kids – though it may take a while to catch on. By the time we have our own place, putting our clothes away neatly feels like second nature. But are you making the most of the space you have available in your drawers?

Take the humble T-shirt, for example. If you fold it lengthways at the start of the process, you will find the end result has a much smaller footprint. That means you can make an extra row and save space in your drawer – instantly freeing up room for another six or more tops.

And that’s just the start. Our infographic shows you how you can apply expert folding principles to every piece of clothing you have. From blouses to hoodies, it’s the perfect guide to optimizing your drawer storage one garment type at a time.

If you’re still pushing for more room, perhaps it’s time to consider remodeling the laundry room for extra storage. Built-in storage or adding organizers to an overcrowded closet are excellent ways to free up space.

Hey presto – you’ve just made a big space in your wardrobe. There’s only one thing left to do: go clothes shopping!


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