5 Moving Mistakes to Avoid to Keep You & Your Belongings Safe

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Updated January 26, 2018

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Doing household tasks on your own is a wonderful thing, especially if you are looking to save some money. But you need to be aware of your limitations when you decide to take things into your own hands. If you want to rearrange furniture in your house or move furniture up or down the stairs, you may want to consider hiring professional help. Deciding against this would mean putting your own personal safety at risk.

In-House moving experts are professionally trained and physically capable of lifting and moving heavy items. They’re familiar with different housing arrangements and can give valuable suggestions to enhance the look and feel of your home.

There is a significant risk of injuring yourself damaging your furniture or home when moving your belongings alone. There are several amateur mistakes which inexperienced homeowners tend to make which can be avoided.

1. Trying to Lift Extremely Heavy Items Yourself

People can sometimes overestimate their physical strength and try to exert themselves beyond their capability when lifting large items. Proper gear or lifting equipment is often necessary to use during these tasks; equipment that most homeowners do not own. Positioning yourself awkwardly while lifting can set you off balance and cause you to hurt yourself severely. Even if you enlist the help of an equally inexperienced friend, injuries may also occur if your partner makes a similar error.

Trying to lift heavier items alone can also cost you a hefty sum if any breakage occurs. It is not always about strength, as tactics play a crucial role in shifting heavy household good. When hiring experts to do the task for you, their well-trained team can tactfully maneuver stairs and turns. Enlisting the help of a professional for guidance is a worthwhile initial investment.

2. Not Dismantling Heavier Items Before a Move

Lifting heavier items is simple when the item is dismantled into smaller and more management pieces. The lack of knowledge regarding these goods becomes a hindrance when the need to dismantle arises. If you are unsure of how to dismantle and reassemble the furniture, consider hiring a professional mover, or a furniture assembly expert. One wrong DIY mistake could ruin your furniture.

Lifting and moving professionals are accustomed to working with distinct types of household items. They are aware of the finer nuances associated with each item. This knowledge comes in handy when they are faced with a situation where the furniture cannot be moved through narrow passages, doors or windows.

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3. Unsafe Packing

When moving within your house or inside the same complex, you might deem it unnecessary to pack your belongings. But keep in mind that it doesn’t take much to put a scratch or dent on your favorite pieces. Attempting to complete the job quickly, homeowners may make the mistake of packing heavy items superficially with paper or plastic to cover the external surface, not considering the internal pieces that could get rattled and break during a move.

As is the case with most movers, packing is given utmost importance as they are completely responsible for the safety of your belongings. They use customized packing methods suitable for each good to ensure a safe move whether it be within your home or within your complex.

4. Improper Safety Precautions

Most of us just underrate the effort required to lift and move heavy items. Considering the difficulty involved, homeowners are often grossly under-prepared when they opt to undertake a task of this proportion. The lack of proper safety measures is a major mistake which could lead to furniture, or bodily, injury.

When a moving company takes charge, you can note that they are all well-equipped with proper accessories and safety measures to handle the rigors of a physically demanding task such as this. To avert any unfortunate accidents from occurring, appropriate safety apparel should be worn.

5. Lack Of Lifting Equipment

There are a lot of instances when you are faced with the daunting task of moving your furniture between different floors of the same building; a task that requires special lifting equipment. Hiring the equipment can be possible but operating it on your own could lead to safety issues. Experts are trained to move items up or down stairs and through windows with the assistance of lifting equipment.

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