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Updated November 8, 2016


An in sink dishwasher is the newest development in the appliance industry’s attempts to find dishwasher solutions for small kitchens. Standard-sized dishwashers can take up valuable cabinet space and require major remodels to install. They can also be unnecessarily large for singles and couples. If you live with a small kitchen and are looking for an appropriately sized dishwasher, in sink models, an under sink dishwasher, or portable dishwashers in standard-sized and countertop models, are all worth taking a look at.

The In Sink Dishwasher

These dishwashers are relatively new on the scene and bring an exciting new twist to dishwasher design. Imagine a double basin kitchen sink. Now imagine that one of the basins is, in fact, a small, top loading dishwasher. That’s exactly what an in sink dishwashing model is. They hold the equivalent of about 5 place settings or a few pots and pans, and are as quiet as dishwashers come. On most units, the lid doubles as a cutting board as well, so you can use the dishwasher space as a food preparation area when you’re not loading or unloading dishes.

An In Sink Dishwasher Saves Time & Money

Most homeowners are attracted to in sink dishwashers because of their space-saving convenience, but they have other benefits as well. They use 50% less water than larger dishwashers, and depending on the setting, can clean a load of dishes in 15 minutes to half an hour. In other words, you’ll save money by reducing your consumption of water and electricity, and you’ll save time since these dishwashers are so easy to load and unload.

In Sink Dishwashers aren’t just for Small Kitchens

While in sink dishwashers were designed for small kitchens, they can be pretty handy additions to other spaces as well. Wet bars and outdoor kitchens are both excellent places to have an in sink model installed. And even if you have a large kitchen, these models can be a godsend. With their convenient location and quick run times, they’re perfect as a secondary dishwasher to quickly wash needed pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils.

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In Sink Dishwasher Alternatives

As mentioned earlier, while in sink models might be the trendiest space-saving dishwasher on the market, they’re certainly not the only ones. The under sink dishwasher has been utilized in small kitchens for years and can best be described as a narrow, conventional dishwasher. An under sink dishwasher can be installed anywhere in a kitchen, though they got their name because they were designed to utilize the no-man’s land beneath the kitchen sink, to the extent of being manufactured in L shapes to make room for the plumbing from the sink. Portable dishwashers can also be an option if your kitchen doesn’t already have a space for a dishwasher. There are countertop models similar in size to in sink designs, as well as larger dishwashers on wheels that connect to your kitchen sink. While portable units work well, they still present storage issues in smaller kitchens. Your best bet, if you can afford it, is to hire a professional to come in and perform a small remodel to install a more permanent solution in the form of an in sink or under sink model dishwasher.


  1. Denise, July 6:

    Why can’t I pull up a picture of these new products? Only under sink product I’ve seen is a old GE dishwasher. Might work, but looking for smallest less invasive space for a dishwasher.

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