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Updated January 20, 2017

Home Exterior With Curb AppealFirst impressions are everything – especially when selling a home. A homebuyer’s initial impression is based on their first view of a house, or rather its “curb appeal.” According to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), nearly 50 percent of buyers make their decisions before stepping through the door. Chances are, people who end up buying a home will drive by at least once when making the decision.

Sellers can also increase their sale price up to 10 percent by doing a few quick and easy things to spruce up the exterior of their homes according to NAR. To ensure a quicker and more profitable sale, here are some tips for sellers to make their homes more appealing at first glance.

Create an Inviting Feel

When searching for a new home, buyers need to feel welcome in a house if they are to consider buying and making it their home. Placing a welcome mat at the front door and adding a few potted plants or flower boxes can add to the “homey” feel buyers look for. Sellers may also want to:

  • Make sure the front of your home is well lit and appealing at night
  • Make sure house numbers are easy to read
  • Replace or repaint the mailbox

Cleaning, Painting and Fixing

Changing the look and feel of the exterior of your house can be as simple as touching up or repainting the exterior paint or replacing/repainting the front door. Neutral colors, for example, harmonize with almost any décor. For exteriors, keep it simple with white or another neutral color. Now is not the time to awe the neighborhood with your unique taste. Additional items sellers should consider include:

  • Making sure railings are sturdy and freshly painted
  • Clean windows
  • Fix loose shutters
  • Straighten or replace loose or bent gutters
  • Make sure the doorbell works and the doorknocker is polished

Yard Work Goes A Long Way

Keeping the grass trimmed and clear of toys and debris is an easy way to increase curb appeal. Water the grass regularly to keep it green and healthy, plant seed if needed. You can also try:

  • Adding color to the landscape by planting seasonal flowers or potted plants
  • Mulching flowerbeds and around shrubs
  • Pruning overgrown bushes and trees
  • Fixing all cracked driveways and crumbling walkways
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