Kitchen Remodeling: What to Expect

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Updated February 4, 2021

What to expect when remodeling a kitchen

Here’s what they don’t tell you: there will be men in your kitchen for a few weeks, sometimes more. This is the dirty little secret of kitchen remodels. Many people who have had their kitchens remodeled, don’t like to remember this aspect of the remodeling process when they are giving a tour of their new kitchen. This is a necessary evil with remodels, and kitchen contractors are sensitive to how they are upsetting the daily flow, so they are not going to leave you without water or access to your kitchen.

There are a few things you should expect with a kitchen remodel that might help you to better prepare fober the experience.

Kitchen Renovation

If you are having your kitchen gutted, you might be without a kitchen for a week or so. Electricians, plumbers, cabinetmakers, countertop contractors will need to be brought in. First things first:

  • Take all of your dishes, silverware, food, spices, and cookware and move them to a spot far away from the remodel so the kitchen contractors can get to work.
  • If your pets have food or water bowls in the kitchen, move them elsewhere at least 7-10 days before the renovation is set to begin so that your pets will not wander into the work area once it starts.

Talk with Your Kitchen Contractors

Your kitchen remodeling professional is the last word in advice. He will know exactly what you need to do with your project. These are general guidelines for a typical kitchen remodeling project; the contractor can give you the specifics.

Your kitchen remodeler will let you know when your kitchen will be completely out of commission, when it can be used partially, and when it is fully operational even though they are still working on the cosmetics.

What to Do When Your Kitchen is Inoperable

The simplest idea is to go to a hotel or stay with a friend. Kitchen remodels are a big investment, so for some this might not be the best time to spend more money, but it can help keep you sane. If you happen to have some excellent friends or relatives who can put you up, this is most likely the best option, but these fine folks are hard to come by.

Another option is planning to eat out during that time. You could also move the microwave and just have microwaveable meals for a few days.

Yet another option is to just go on vacation. This can be difficult since the contractors may need to get in touch with you, but maybe going away for a few days to a nearby location with cell phone access can span the gap pretty well.

Kitchen Contractors

Sometimes the work will bring contractors to a point where they don’t get enough done in a day because doing more means leaving you without a functional kitchen. If they go too far, they end up working too late, make mistakes they have to redo because they were tired, or they get burnt out too quickly. If you won’t be around, they can quit after a full day without worry of the insult to your home life, they can work at a solid pace without going too fast, and they can optimize their work hours to get your kitchen done as soon as possible without leaving it dysfunctional for too long.

Kitchen Remodeling Final Thoughts

If you are not currently occupying the house you are remodeling, then this is no problem. But for many, you have to make great changes to get what you want. Just know that the process is not forever, and the changes you must undergo are sacrifices for a better home, great return on investment, and a better place to cook and entertain. Be patient. The contractors are not trying to make your life miserable. They are there to make it better.

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    What advice can you share about dust prevention in the rest of the house? Contractors should take every precaution to keep dust contained.

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