A Look at Where the Nation Spends the Most on Kitchen Renovations

Big Cities Spend on Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen renovations are expensive no matter where you live, but homeowners pay a lot more to remodel in some parts the country than they do in others. According to data from HomeAdvisor, homeowners in Los Angeles pay nearly $10,000 more, on average, to remodel their kitchens than homeowners in other areas. And homeowners in New York pay nearly $4,000 more. Here’s a deeper look at where homeowners spend the most to remodel their kitchens — and what they spend their money on.

The national average cost for kitchen renovations is $19,920, according to HomeAdvisor True Cost Guide data, with most homeowners spending between $11,194 and $28,646.

Here’s how the most expensive cities stack up:

Location Average Average Range High Cost
National $19,920 $11,194 – $28,646 $45,000
Los Angeles $29,751 $20,941 – $42,454 $60,000
New York City $23,719 $13,962 – $33,673 $50,000
Washington D.C. $20,808 $13,695 – $30,752 $45,160
Detroit $20,546 $13,908 – $30,501 $45,000
Philadelphia $20,241 $14,177 – $30,985 $41,000

Not surprisingly, most homeowners make the decision to remodel their kitchens at the start of the year — usually in January, February and March, according to the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI).

Their reasons for remodeling? To upgrade old-looking designs (79%), beautify their homes (77%) and replace old or worn-out materials (76%).

Here’s what homeowners in major cities are investing the most money in to make it happen:

Project Nat Ave L.A. N.Y.C.  D.C.
Detroit Phil.
Install Cabinets $4,621 $5,162 $4,874 $4,788 $11,576 $4,691
Install Countertops $2,819 $3,144 $2,659 $2,983 $2,720 $2,613
Install Wood Flooring $4,430 $5,001 $4,140 $4,170 $7,223 $3,923
Install Ceramic or Porcelain Tile $1,591 $2,116 $1,664 $1,819 $1,446 $1,890

Homeowners make the decision to remodel early in the year, says HIRI, but work on the remodel itself is generally delayed until later in the year — usually March through June. Looking at the numbers, it seems that — whenever it is that homeowners decide to remodel — they’re willing to spend the money to do it right.


  1. Kevin Briggs, CMKBD, February 11:

    These numbers are astonishingly low. I think any professional designer will tell you the cost is significantly higher.

  2. Bry, February 11:

    My first thought was the same as Kevin’s, these must be really small kitchens…?

  3. Randy Godeau, February 11:

    I agree with Kevin. These numbers are WAY out of line in the professional world. They might work in the DIY market, with cabinets from IKEA, but not from a professional kitchen showroom. A full set of kitchen cabinets for $4621? Really?

  4. charlotte, August 1:

    I am in the midst of a remodel. I did enlarge the kitchen. However cost: $140,000 est. Cabinets: $27,000. I could go on ie plumber $14,000. EST does include counter top and flooring. This is California. Nuts, $30,000 to build 40 yrs ago. There was also some settling and water damage over the years.

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