How Much a One Million Dollar Home in Beverly Hills is Worth in 30 Other Markets

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Updated October 11, 2018

Million Dollar Home

A one million dollar home in Beverly Hills is only 615.83 square feet, according to median price per square foot. The most expensive real estate in the U.S. is in beautiful Beverly Hills, CA. According to real estate research, homes there cost an average of $1,623.82 per square foot. That’s 55 times Detroit’s average of $29.13 per square foot.

See what this million dollar house would cost in cities across the country.

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The same-sized house would cost $17,936.67 in Detroit.

Not a reasonable enough comparison? Try New York City, which is infamous for its unreasonably high real estate prices. The average price per square foot in Beverly Hills is still 3.5 times more expensive.

A million-dollar house in Beverly Hills, CA, would cost you only $285,129.29 in New York, NY.

Cities commonly thought to be expensive, like LA, Denver, and Chicago are all less than a third of the Beverly Hills rate. The only truly comparable prices are in Aspen, CO ($1,267.68 per square foot), San Francisco, CA ($1,050.88), and Boston, MA ($711.06).

Southern California bungalow with palm trees

Six of the top ten most expensive cities for real estate are in California.

Here’s how much a million dollar home Beverly Hills would cost in the next 10 most expensive markets:

Rank City, State Cost of 615.83 sq. ft. Home
2 Fisher Island, FL $854,353.28
3 Aspen, CO $780,676.61
4 Laguna Beach, CA $763,598.41
5 Montecito, CA $721,697.34
6 Malibu, CA $717,558.96
7 Amagansett, NY $710,224.42
8 Manhattan Beach, CA $655,446.34
9 Nantucket, MA $651,973.06
10 Cupertino, CA $649,010.92
11 San Francisco, CA $647,163.43

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