Mist Cooling Systems Provide Outside Air Conditioning

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Updated October 23, 2018

Outdoor Misting System

During those dog days of summer, the thermostat of your home almost always reads hotter than the outdoor temperature. Therefore, your air conditioning basically runs non-stop in order to keep the inside nice and cool. But what about outside the house? What if you want to lounge on the deck or barbecue on the patio during a summer’s day but can’t because it’s too hot and uncomfortable? That’s when you may need to invest in some outdoor air conditioning, also known as a mist cooling system.

Mist Cooling System

These devices spray a fine layer of water into the atmosphere, where it is then instantly evaporated. However, the energy it takes to turn the water into gas actually absorbs a lot of heat and cools the hot air. Often called evaporative cooling, this process creates a constant wet chill to the air without soaking you through and it can reduce the immediate air temperature by 20-30 degrees. These misting machines are often seen on sports fields and sidelines to keep players cool; or in amusement parks and zoos to keep the animals happy. Some portable models can even be installed in helmets for motorcycle riding, car racing, or military desert missions. But they can also be installed around any porch, patio, or spa in order to keep the family relaxed, comfortable, and safe.

Outside Protection

When the temperature rises, you also run a higher risk of raising your body heat. It makes you sweat, but it also increases your chances for overheating, heat stroke, and water loss. Therefore, outdoor mist cooling systems are not only able to relieve the heat; it also helps to protect your health by regulating the surrounding atmosphere. Also, it freshens the nearby air by filtering it from dust and pollen. Plus, it dampens and suppresses any floating debris such as dirt and sand, which is great for those with outdoor allergies.

Reviving Vegetation

Outdoor mist cooling systems are perfect for watering plants as well. They’re great for exotic plants that need some gentle TLC, such as bonsai trees. And they can also be used for the opposite result: humidity. Though they’re meant to cool off the atmosphere, when installed in a greenhouse, a terrarium, or patio enclosure, they can moisturize the air, which is great for general vegetation. There have even been studies that prove increased productivity and growth in plants from gentle fogging rather than traditional saturation. Plus, it conserves water by using less of it more efficiently while avoiding wasteful over-watering.

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Current Models and Costs

A mist cooling system can come in a lot of varieties. It can be a permanent high-pressured fogger hardwired right into the home’s patio or greenhouse. It can also come as a plug-in mister installed to an industrial fan, which then spreads the moisture around. Or it can be a battery-operated, handheld model that’s hooked up to a hip-pack so that you now have portable air conditioning. Depending upon the style and size of the operation, a hardwired installation could cost you several thousand dollars. But an electric outdoor mist cooling system, which can either be transportable or wall-mounted, should only run you a couple hundred dollars at most, whereas the handhelds can cost as little as $20 if you shop around. All varieties are equally dependable and effective: each provides outside protection, relief from the heat, and even a little fun on a summer’s day. Just make sure you stay within a budget and decide which model suits your particular needs.

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