Kitchen Repairs: HomeAdvisor Reveals Most Popular Service Requests, Average Costs

By HomeAdvisor

Updated October 19, 2016

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Ever wish you could know exactly what to expect from homeowners needing your services — and how much you might expect to charge? According to HomeAdvisor service request data, there’s a good chance your next call will have something to do with kitchen repairs — specifically those addressing water damage or cabinet, flooring, grout and sink issues.

Here’s a quick look at some of the kitchen problems homeowners most frequently encounter and, according to HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide, what you might expect to charge for the repairs.

Water Damage: When it comes to water damage, homeowners most frequently seek professional help to address burst pipes, faulty window and door installations, and broken or leaking water lines. On average, homeowners report paying about $2,156 to complete the necessary associated repairs.

Cabinet Repairs: Cabinet repairs may address one or more issues generally related to scratched surfaces, sagging shelves, worn drawer slides, misaligned or slamming cabinet doors, and warped or broken drawers. On average, homeowners report paying about $318 to repair their cabinets.

Flooring Repairs: Kitchen flooring repairs most frequently involve scratches, dents, warping and other damage to hardwood, laminate, tile and vinyl flooring. The type of flooring and the extent of the damage to be addressed will significantly affect the price of associated repairs. On average, homeowners report paying between $200 and $650 to repair hardwood flooring, between $140 and $600 to repair laminate flooring, between $200 and $700 to repair tile flooring, and between $100 and $300 to repair vinyl flooring.

Repair Grout: Common grout issues include cracking, which generally results from weak grout structure and excess polymer additive; stains and dirt buildup, which generally result from wear and inadequate sealing; and uneven coloring, which generally results from improper mixing and cleaning. On average, homeowners report paying about $379 to repair kitchen grout.

Repair a sink: With regard to kitchen sinks, homeowners most frequently call for professional help to address low water pressure and clogged or slow drains. On average, homeowners report paying $200 to repair a clogged drain.


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