Cost of Wall Mounting Services for TV, Art, Mirrors and Chandeliers

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Updated January 9, 2019

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Updated September 2017

Mounting objects on the wall involves drilling, lifting, and installing, all of which can get trick for inexperienced homeowners. Licensed professionals with many years of experience can help you not only install your TV, art, mirrors, and chandeliers, but also suggest the best location to mount each to suit the ambience of your home. Cost of installation depends on the size, type, and the number of service personnel needed.

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    1. What Can Be Hung?
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  3. Cost to Install Wall Shelves
  4. Cost of Adding Mirrors to Walls
  5. Cost to Mount TV
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Cost to Hang Pictures

The factors affecting the rate to hire pros includes:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Number of pictures
  • Material of the mounting surface
  • Height and accessibility of the hanging surface

Professional installers can give an estimate of the cost of hanging a picture after evaluating the time, tools, materials, and the number of people required to finish the job. Generally, they charge by the hour and the hourly rates differ from project to project. The average service rate for installing a single picture is $60. A rough estimate of the cost of installation on different surfaces is given below.

Mounting Surface Cost of installation
Drywall $40-$120
Concrete Walls $70-$140
Wood $50-$130
Tiles $80-$140
Stone $100-$170

What Can Be Hung on a Wall?

Hired pros provide more than just picture frame and artwork mounting. They can also help hang the following on almost any wall in your home.

  • Picture frames
  • Framed artwork
  • Ceramics
  • Objet d’art
  • 3D artwork
  • Photo collages
  • Tapestries and rugs
  • Animal mounts

Why Hire a Professional?

Picture/art hanging professionals incorporate a value-added aesthetic understanding to the project, and can ensure that your artwork is hung securely, accurately, and in relation to the decor that surrounds it. Below is a list of benefits to hiring a professional for your wall-mounting needs.

  • They can determine the right location for the art/ picture with proper lighting.
  • They can recommend proper hardware and technique necessary for every room, piece of artwork, and circumstance to ensure safety.
  • Whether it’s up high or above a stairwell, they can reach places that are hard for the average homeowner to access.
  • They can choose the ‘hot spots’, hang at the right height, and adjust the arrangement of furniture to enhance the look of your space.
  • They’re experienced in handling artworks that come in all types and sizes – small or big, wide or tall, light or heavy.
  • They are equipped to deal with all types of walling materials and finishes such as rough brick, drywall, tiles, glass, padded fabric, and acoustic material.
  • They can help organize your art into wall collages.

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Cost to Install Chandelier

Installing a chandelier requires a thorough knowledge of the electrical system in the house. A pro can efficiently identify and handle the electrical aspect of the assembly flawlessly. The service includes installation of the support bracket, mounting and wiring the chandelier, and adjusting the height as required by the homeowner.

Mounting a chandelier on extremely high ceilings requires special ladders and equipment, which you must inform the installer in advance.

The cost is dependent on the time and materials needed to install the fixture, inclusive of labor and material. Depending on the location of your chandelier, condition of your home wiring, and ceiling structure, the price ranges from $145 to $2000. Considering the average electrician charges is between $40 and $100 per hour, a job should cost an average of about $200 to $300.The cost of installation does not include the cost of the chandelier, assembling of the chandelier or any repairs needed.

Cost to Install Wall Shelves

Floating shelves or open shelves are great space savers, as well as easy to find, economical, and functional. They can fit anywhere as they come in many shapes, sizes and styles, and are ideal solutions for small-space storage. They can be used for several purposes such as:

  • Display art, decorative objects, and accessories
  • Storage above bathtubs
  • Bookcases

Many wall shelves require more than just a wall bracket. Professionals identify the shelf type and use appropriate tools for mounting. They also determine the wall surfaces and judge whether it can support the shelf’s weight. They fit the floating shelves carefully without leaving behind any marks, and can even help clear out the debris left by the wall during installation.

Average cost of installing wall shelves: $50- $90

Cost to Add Mirrors to Walls

Mirrors are delicate and heavy, causing installation to be tricky and often dangerous. Hanging huge mirrors or mirrored walls require extra care. Using appropriate wall fixtures, finding the right wall spot on wall surfaces for hanging is easy for the professionals. High ceilings or low staircases call for different installation procedures to ensure precision and safety.

Average cost of installing mirrors is briefly discussed in the Mirror Installation Cost Guide.

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Cost to Mount TV

Mounting a flat screen television involves handling the fragile and expensive equipment with care. Finding the right spot on the wall, drilling through the wall to fix the mounts, and installing the TV is no small task. Hiring a professional to wall mount a TV is advisable.

The cost of installing a wall mounted TV depends on several factors such as the size, the type of surface on which the TV is to be mounted, and whether the wires are to be concealed within the cover or wall. The cost includes:

  • Wall mount brackets
  • Material/supplies needed for the installation
  • Preparation of the worksite to prevent damage to the existing surface, material, or component
  • Clearing of the debris upon completion of the job

What is Included in the TV Mounting Service?

Once the professionals unpack the TV, they will inspect the model and scour the area to suggest the right spot for mounting. They will work to mount it at a comfortable viewing height and distance. You can expect the professional you hire to follow the below general installation steps.

  1. Installing the mounting bracket on the wall.
  2. Mounting the TV on the bracket.
  3. Securing the TV and testing the hardware.
  4. Cord concealment.
  5. Providing you with a quick demo of the TVs features and functions.

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