Outdoor Lighting Saves the Home

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Updated October 22, 2021

Lit up bushes

Though it may not be obvious sometimes, outdoor lighting can be just as intricate and luxurious as indoor lighting. More people see the outside of your house, yet we still spend so much on fixtures, chandeliers, and sconces for the inside. You invest in exterior siding, painting, landscaping, and home repair, so why not let people see the results at all times? When the sun goes down, why let your home become invisible? And outside light installations with the correct light bulbs can actually create a new way of looking at your home by becoming part of the decor itself.

Beauty and Performance

Though outdoor lighting is a great way to make your house stand out from the dark, it also has a variety of interesting functions to help your home become more efficient:

  • Security: Lights are a great deterrent for crime. By making your house brighter, it always looks like someone is at home, watching over your most prized possession. Plus modern inventions, such as motion detectors, have added to this non-evasive style of protection.
  • Safety: In the summer, do you let your kids ride their bikes around your neighborhood? If not, is it because your area is simply too dark, leading to a sense of danger even though there is none? The more light you shed around your house, the safer the environment will feel because you now have more control and can keep an eye on your surroundings.
  • Landscape: This is a very popular trend: by using recessed lights, lanterns, and lamps, you can now see your landscape at night. While the lights themselves can remain invisible, your plants and trees become highlighted, giving them a unique nighttime look.
  • Recreation: Ever had to call off the basketball game due to darkness? Would you like to play some catch after you get home from work? Now there are specialized products that can light up the game without the extra glare so you can play whenever you want.
  • Spotlight the Home: Flood lights can highlight areas of the exterior that you had hoped everyone would notice, such as your address. Plus, outside pendants and sconces can become decorations in themselves.
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Energy Savers

It may seem like a waste to light up a part of your home at night since you’re not actually using it. But now there are several ways to use lighting without all the extra cost.

  • Dark Sky Qualified: Ever notice you can’t see the stars anymore? Well, these specialty products come with light sensors, visors and hoods, and are made to aim the light source downward in order to reduce wasted energy and light pollution. This allows them to cut down on glare, prevent light trespass (when a neighbor’s light infiltrates your own property), and reduce sky glow so that you can bring the starlight back to the forefront.
  • Solar Lighting: Solar panels collect the sun’s power during the day and can re-use this energy at night. Plus, they cut down on utility costs, are environmentally friendly, and allow you to place fixtures in areas where “traditional” power sources can’t reach.
  • Energy Star: These special fixtures have been tested so that they can provide the same level of output with less energy and waste, saving you money in the long run.

Who Do We Call?

Though outdoor lighting seems pretty straightforward, always hire an electrician to take care of any electrical needs. And if you’re investing in specialty lighting (tennis and basketball courts, landscape lighting, security products, and now even Christmas lights), always hire a specialist in that particular field to take care of these needs for you.

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