7 Great Packing Tips to Ensure a Smooth Move

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Updated January 26, 2018

boxes labeled and packed for moving

There are numerous time-consuming tasks to complete in preparation for moving your family and belongings from one home to another. Packing your home is no exception. Doing it yourself can be an intimidating task, but there are professional packers that you can hire to help. They can effectively and quickly sort and pack your belongings for safe transportation to your new home.

The following packing tips brought together by expert packers should give you an idea of how to go about your packing chores so as to ensure a trouble-free move.

1. Create an Inventory List

Most homeowners who choose to hire a professional but are interested in keeping expenses to a minimum only choose to pack heavy or fragile items; items that are difficult to pack or need to be secured for safety. Create an inventory list and share it with your packer.

2. Use Custom Packing Supplies

Based on the items you need packed, you may need special materials to ensure they’re secured for the move. Antiques and glassware require specialized padded and cushioned material. Consult your packing pro about the availability of such supplies, including special crates that may be necessary to secure your items.

3. Use Multi-sized Boxes

The use of boxes for packing is an obvious necessity, but the use of different sized boxes is required to safely secure the variety of items you need packed. Smaller boxes are better suited for hefty items while fragile items are safer in bigger ones. Make certain that your professional is well-equipped to handle all such scenarios.

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4. Optimize Use of Each Box

The utmost care is required when filling boxes for two important reasons. Firstly, you don’t want to pay for extra crates when your items could have fit in fewer boxes. Second, if your boxes aren’t filled to the brim, there’s a chance your belongings could collide against one another and break during the moving process.

5. Label the Boxes

Keep in mind that your job isn’t done after your boxed have been moved out of the old house and into the new one. Unpacking is a task in itself. If you don’t label your boxes when packing and moving out, you’ll find it very difficult to sort your things when unpacking and organizing your new home.

Bonus Tip: Label your boxes on the side as well. This way, you won’t face any problems when trying to identify boxes stacked on top of each other.

6. Get Help For Packing Electronics & Furniture

When looking to pack heavy items like electronics and furniture, let the experts take full control. They have the experience and can handle the task with ease. Furthermore, they can dismantle your belongings accordingly so as to fit it into provided boxes.

Bonus Tip: Take detailed pictures of your electronics and furniture beforehand. This way you won’t end up being confused while having to reassemble them after your move.

7. Assign Packing Duties

If you plan to hire professional movers, ask the companies you’re reviewing if they provide packing services as well. It is in your best interests that you let the movers take care of the packing as most professional companies that offer both services can provide insurance for your belongings. You can also be sure that when a team of movers have also completed the packing, they’ll require less instruction as to what items are fragile, and where to arrange in the boxes in your new home.

Another incentive to allocate the packing job to a moving services is that most professionals can get the full job done in a day. Since they are also responsible for moving your belongings, they can plan and pack accordingly to ensure a smooth move into your new home.

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