The Safe Haven of a Panic Room

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Updated October 18, 2016

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A panic room is a secure room built within a residence in which the homeowner can sequester themselves in case of danger until help arrives. More commonly referred to as “safe rooms” in the security industry, these rooms can be used to protect valuables and you and your loved ones from a variety of threats, including terrorist attacks, burglars, potential kidnappers, and even natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

The Stuff Movies are Made Of

The popularity of these high security retreats has understandably skyrocketed with the success of the movie of the same name starring Jodi Foster. Most safe rooms aren’t quite as elaborate as the high-tech, impenetrable fortress that saved Foster and her daughter from a gang of ruthless burglars in the movie, as few people face the level of threat that that would necessitate that level of security.

However, the sky is the limit when it comes to outfitting these home additions. If your situation requires it, these security solutions can be constructed of concrete and steel lined walls and doors, have separate ventilation systems fitted with air purification equipment, and incorporate things such as direct phone lines to the police and security providers and video surveillance equipment so you can keep tabs on the intruder.

For the Regular Joe

As mentioned before, few people need a secure room of this nature, and to be honest, few can afford it. A high tech, impenetrable bunker such as the one in the movie costs forty to sixty thousand dollars to have built. That doesn’t mean a safe room is a bad idea for the average homeowner, however, or that there aren’t more cost effective solutions available.

The goal of your average panic room isn’t to be able fend off a full on assault for days at a time. Instead these rooms are built to secure an individual or family long enough for them to contact authorities or security personnel and safely wait out the intruder until help arrives. On the simplest level, this means an accessible room without windows or skylights that has been outfitted with reinforced doors and locks. Such a room stocked with a cell phone, flashlight, first aid kit and food and water will do the trick for an average homeowner.

If you’re wondering where you could make space for one of these rooms in your home, keep in mind that many homeowners choose to outfit these rooms for daily life as well as emergencies. Walk in closets and bathrooms are some of the most popular and suitable solutions to making your high security respite functional on a daily basis as well.

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Danger Isn’t Always Spelled I-n-t-r-u-d-e-r

One of the most popular reasons to have these rooms built today actually has nothing to do with keeping out intruders or protection from other human threats. Panic rooms are fast becoming one of the most popular solutions for protecting individuals and families from the dangers that come with extreme weather events.

An accessible, reinforced, central room without windows, stocked with the necessary survival materials is the ideal place to wait out dangerous storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes. We’ve all seen over the past year how dangerous these weather events can be for those who aren’t prepared for them. If you live in an area of the country where extreme weather is a threat, the addition of a safe room is wise decision for the protection of both you and your family.

Regardless of your security or weather protection needs, there is a panic room solution out there for you. Contact a security contractor or other builder to find out what options will best suit your needs.

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