Front concrete patio

If you are retired, travel frequently, or simply don’t enjoy working on your landscaping and yard work, a small, low-maintenance patio is a good solution for you. Small patios can take up some of your yard space, thus reducing the amount you have to mow, landscape and maintain.

Patio Design Ideas

Small doesn’t have to mean dull and uninteresting. A smart patio design, no matter how small, can be a fun escape from indoors. Using a simple 15′ x 15′ space, you can have an area for sitting, gardening, entertaining, and even a water feature.

The choice of materials for your patio design ideas is based on personal taste. Many people like the classic look of brick. Brick is durable, easy to install and available in many colors from shades of brown to all degrees of red. Patio pavers are inexpensive and easy to install. They are available in many shapes and sizes and are long lasting and durable. Patio contractors will clear a flat space and cover it evenly with sand then lay the brick pavers. Laying the brick pavers is relatively simple, but laying them such that the floor is not uneven is a science and an art. Patio contractors can lay a flat patio with ease, so if you are interested in having your patio design ideas turned into a professional patio, click here to hire one of our licensed and insured landscapers.

Sharp Patio Designs with Flagstone

Flagstone is also available in many shapes and colors. If you choose pre-cut standard-sized flagstones, the installation is relatively easy. Flagstone also comes in random sizes, and this requires an installer who is experienced at fitting and installing stones of varying sizes and widths. Once you have selected the materials you will use for your patio project, it is time to think about patio design features.

Patio Design Features

Pay attention to where the sun shines in your patio area. If you would like to have box gardens, or a small patch of grass, plan to have them in the areas that receive consistent amounts of sunlight. After all, they will need sunlight to thrive.

If you are planning for a fence, remember to plan the fence height and location not to interfere with your garden plans. A fountain or small waterfall will add a luxurious and exotic feel to your patio. Running water helps obscure outside noises and creates a relaxing atmosphere, especially if you are in an urban area or have noisy neighbors.
There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a meal on your patio, and the sound of murmuring water will complete this experience. So make sure you design an area large enough for a table and a few chairs. If you are very limited on space, built-in planters with wide borders offer a place to sit for buffets and casual gatherings.

Even a small patio should have a place to store gardening tools, hoses, lawn chairs and other outdoor items. A storage shed can double as an area to start seeds and pot plants. A storage area will also allow you to protect bikes and children’s toys when they are not being used.

Landscape architects and landscape designers can help you to realize your dream of a patio for living. Just communicate to them exactly what you want and what you need and they can take care of the design portion. Then the landscaper will bring the patio design to life, and soon thereafter you are eating, relaxing and entertaining on your new patio.

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  1. Desmond van Eyssen, May 6:

    Please provide me a quote for laying flagstone undery pergola.

  2. Rose, June 20:

    I need someone to lay patio pavers in an area approx 4ft by 16ft.

  3. Beatrice V Picano, March 23:

    I have an all cement patio that has cracked and fallen down in the middle and a little next to it. I saw a patio online that are gray rectangle and square blocks that looks lovely. I don’t know what they are made of and which is better. I also need a small deck with stairs coming down redone. The side broke and my son fell off and broke his elbow.

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