Pedestal Sinks Create an Elegant Space

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Updated October 20, 2016

Pedestal sink

Do you want your modern bathroom to have an old-world charm? Or do you have an older house that has been forced to have contemporary renovations? There are many ways to redecorate your bathroom with the conveniences of modern appliances while still retaining that vintage look. Pedestal sinks are an easy, inexpensive solution to these problems because they are not only classically beautiful, but they are also convenient and functional.

Back in Style

Before the modern bathroom, with its overwhelming counter space and under-mounted cabinetry systems, pedestal sinks were used for their simple design and elegant look. Lately they have come back into fashion for these same exact reasons. They’re easy to install and less expensive than modern sinks because they are so undemanding and clean-cut. These types of sinks do not require a lot of space, so therefore they can sit in any area of the bathroom, even corners. And due to their minimal design, they create a subtle yet unpretentious sophistication to any bathroom.

Beauty and Function

Not only are these sinks beautiful, they also have practical advantages. They are especially useful in smaller bathrooms because instead of having a counter system (which is also expensive in terms of material and installation) to hide any exterior plumbing, these sinks conceal piping within the pedestal itself. Therefore, there is less clutter surrounding the sink and more room is created in the bathroom. And if you have a larger bathroom, this space will give you even more options to add other decorative items.

Though you may think you’ll miss the storage space of more conventional sinks with their large countertop space and cabinetry, pedestals actually offer you more storage space. You can place items under the sink, yet still display them, such as baskets of towels, flower arrangements, and even additional toiletries. Plus, since pedestals give you so much all-around room, you even have more choosing power when it comes to wall decorations, such as mirrors, medicine cabinets, and pictures because you are no longer restrained by the overpowering look of standard countertop sinks.

Choosing Power

Speaking of options, pedestal sinks come in a many different designs, styles, and colors. So now you get to have the choice of how to personalize your bathroom in any way you see fit. Some types of pedestals come with wide basins for extra wash space, some come with two faucets instead of one for more control over water temperature, and some come with extra-wide tops so that you have space around the actual sink for additional storage and shelving. Plus, they come in so many shapes and sizes your decorating options are only matched by your own imagination.

Pedestal sinks are a quick way to add a unique look to any bathroom, and once the unit is installed, you now have more room to work around. In fact, so many people love the look of the pedestal sink that they actually decorate the rest of their bathrooms to match its traditional look. Using the pedestal sink as a focal point, many homeowners install a claw-foot bathtub or some stone-tile flooring in order to complement its vintage appeal.

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