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Updated May 15, 2020

Kitchen design

Before you can start a kitchen remodel, you need to have a firm grasp of what you’re shooting for, not only in terms of specific countertop and cabinet installations but your new kitchen’s design and layout. You may want to retain the layout of your old kitchen or you want to reorganize the three main kitchen stations (oven, sink, and refrigerator), also known as the kitchen triangle. Knowing what you want in your general layout, specific fixtures and installations, and a decorating theme are all critical in enabling the kitchen remodel to go off without a hitch.

Kitchen Planning and Design

Kitchen planning is important, whether you’re talking about layout or decorating ideas. Kitchens can be U-shaped, L-shaped, or a galley. Galleys can be one wall or two wall galleys. Each shape has distinct advantages and disadvantages involving cooking convenience, foot traffic, and storage space. Unless you’re undertaking a major kitchen remodel, you’re probably locked into your kitchen shape. Even if you’re thinking about a major overhaul, the kitchen spaces tend to point toward a limited number of options. Square kitchens spaces lend themselves to U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens. Longer, narrower spaces usually mean galley. Large kitchens lead to island kitchens.

Kitchen d├ęcor and kitchen planning is usually a combination between the existing decorating themes in the home and what your tastes are. Don’t install a bunch of metal appliances, counters, and walls if you live in a country style home. Still, replacing the floral wallpaper from the ’60s or ’70s is a good kitchen design idea regardless of the look in the rest of your home. Make a list to create effective kitchen planning. Include large ideas for your kitchen layout and specific ideas for decoration and storage. Each item in your list should be priced and figured within the confines of a predetermined budget.

Kitchen Design Ideas

The best kitchen design ideas are usually sensible ones. More than trying to create the perfect kitchen, the best kitchen remodels first make sure to avoid common mistakes. Don’t outspend the value of your home and your neighborhood. Kitchen remodels can add significant value to your home, but if you’re spending $25,000 on the project when the top home in your neighborhood is only selling for $100,000, you’re probably not going to see much return on your investment.

Spread your money around. Don’t completely redo your kitchen if the rest of your home is falling apart. Spruce your kitchen up and get the rest of your home in good working condition as well. Likewise, don’t spend over half your budget on one area of your kitchen and neglect the rest. Naturally, revamping your old flooring may cost quite bit more than fixing up your old kitchen cabinets, but spending a couple thousand dollars on a high-end countertop isn’t the best choice if you can’t implement some of your other kitchen design ideas.

Find the right balance between daring and classic. Some homeowners have become afraid of color and end up with a drab kitchen. On the other hand, as much as you love the combination of lime green and tangerine orange, it’s probably not coming back in style any time soon. Your new kitchen shouldn’t look like a blank palette, but it shouldn’t run the risk of making guests or potential home buyers cringe at the sight, either.

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