Pool Table Movers – Tips for Moving a New or Used Table

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Updated October 19, 2016

Moving a Pool Table

Pool table movers do a lot more than simply offer the man power to move your pool table. Almost all residential pool tables must be disassembled and reassembled in order to be moved. Even if you have the clearance to move the pool table in one piece, there’s a good chance moving the table in this manner will cause severe damage, including splitting the rails, cracking the slate, or popping the joints.

Pool table installation is not a simple DIY project. Pool table movers have the specific expertise to take a pool table apart and reassemble it with the necessary care to maintain the original integrity of the table.

New Pool Table Installation

New pool tables sound like an unnecessary expense, but purchasing a new table does have some advantages. The cost of the pool table installation is almost always included in the price, and many pool table companies will offer a warranty on their products—although don’t expect them to repair your pool table for free if your buddy puts his cue through the felt.

New pool tables offer a beautiful look and resilient performance. The elegance of a new table can bring its own sense of decor. Of course, you can probably find a more than suitable used pool table for less money, but you’ll need to do your homework to ensure your used table will remain in good condition for years to come.

Used Pool Table Installation

Most homeowners try to find a used pool table to install in their home. Decent used pool tables generally cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $500-$1,000. This can be compared to a new table that may cost closer to $2,000 or up to nearly $10,000 for a high-end table with all the accessories.

Keep in mind that the felt will have to be removed and re-stretched. Older felt may not be up for this kind of treatment and may tear. Some of the best used table buys may very well involve finding a table than has suffered superficial damage that can be easily repaired during reassembly.

Pool Table Movers

Finding a pool table mover is often trickier than finding a used pool table itself. The cost of hiring a pool table mover depends on the size and design of the table and the distance of the move among other things. Plan on spending several hundred dollars, unless you’re in an uncommonly easy or difficult situation. Just like any home improvement contractor, you should take the time to get estimates from multiple movers.

During this process, don’t just look for the cheapest quote. Different pool table movers may offer different levels of service. More than simply moving your pool table, a mover may be able to improve the setup of the table, including not just leveling and re-felting but new rubber rails that conform to OEM specs.

You may want to match the services of your pool table mover to the quality of the table you’re purchasing. You probably don’t want to spend a bunch of money on movers for an inferior table. On the other hand, if you’re going to invest the money for a quality used pool table, hiring professional movers that can ensure a like-new pool table upon reassembly is probably worth it.

Regardless, you’ll want to choose a mover capable of installing your table without damaging it. When you hire the mover, sign a contract that guarantees the condition of the table once it’s moved.


  1. Gary Taylor, July 7:

    Need a pool table moved

  2. Dan, August 17:

    Need to relo a pool table from Forest Heights to Lake Oswego.
    Please send quote availability

  3. Chris buckner, August 17:

    Need pool table disassembled and prepared to move

  4. Ken Germaine, August 23:

    I want a pool table moved from commerce twp to lapeer Mi and set back up

  5. Suresh, September 2:

    Need to move a used 8ft Marietta pool table and installation. Please email me the quote at the earliest. Location: Maryland, distance is around 20 miles. Thanks.

  6. Craig, September 7:

    Need to move an American Heritage 8ft (1″ one piece slate) table from one house in Jasper, GA to another house in Jasper. Located in a level area with direct access through the garage. Please send a quote if you service the Jasper GA area. Thank you

  7. Lissetlisset.espinoza@gmail.con, September 7:

    Need to move a pool table local.

  8. Carole Rice, September 14:

    Table already put together just need the slate’s put on, 3 pieces and the table leveled. Any chance I can get a quote on that?

  9. Meg Clara, September 21:

    Need to move and reset 8′ slate Brunswick pool table (don’t know if 1 or 3 piece slate) from Seattle area to Denver area. Stairs to basement in Denver.

  10. John Lopez, September 23:

    I have a 8 foot 3 piece. Needs assembly level and cloth.

  11. Richard T SanGiovanni, September 27:

    Need to move a pool table from West Haven to East Haven please send quote

  12. albert booker, September 30:

    I need a pool table put together in my basement, I have all the parts just don’t have the man power. How much will it cost?

  13. Linda, September 30:

    Have an 8ft table disassembled, leaning against wall in basement. Want to give it away, the slate and
    table. Would you want it?

  14. Bill, October 3:

    Need a 8 foot table disassembled in Albany, NY and moved and reassembled in Saratoga Springs, NY. Slate is in 3 pieces. basement to basement. Belco doors and 5 steps at current location, full flight of stairs into basement at new location.

  15. art smith, October 7:

    need to disassemble 3pc slate table on second floor and move it to first floor and reassemle and level it. Please send quote.

  16. Gabriel, October 18:

    I need a pool table moved from one house to another

  17. Patricia Long, November 2:

    I need a pool Table moved frm one room to another. Rooms on same floor. Please send a quote. Thank you

  18. Ronald, November 3:

    I need a Spencer Marston pool table disassembled and moved from one house to another.disassembled

  19. George Stahl, November 30:

    I have an 8 foot American Heritage 3 slate pool table, I’m moving from Grand Bay Al to Gautier Ms it’s about A 25 mile move needing to move it ASAP. Thanks

  20. Felicia, December 22:

    I just bought a new pool table and needs it assemble. Pricing please. Its a Christmas present. Thanks

  21. Michael O'Sheehan, January 16:

    I would like a quote to move a pool table from williamsville, NY to Lockport, NY and possibly have the felt redone after it is moved to Lockport.

    Thank you,


  22. Carol, January 24:

    I need a pool table disasembled,moved, and reasembled (set up

  23. Cindy Van Fleet, January 31:

    I need to find someone to move a pool table from Moorpark Ca to Simi Valley Ca

  24. Roger bauer, February 10:

    Need a 8’Ă—4′ table put back together have everything just want a pro to do it

  25. Greg, February 12:

    Need a cheap pool table move and store and move as we change houses.

  26. James Thompson, February 15:

    I need a pool table disassembled and moved from Hazel Crest, IL and reassembled (set up) at Flossmoor, IL (4 miles). Slate is 1 or 2 pieces). Please provide a quote and contact me.

    Thanks You,

  27. Edward Bemis, March 17:

    I need to have my 8′ pool table installed and refelted. Just moved to Conway, SC.

  28. Marcel, March 27:

    Need reasonable price quote to install 3 piece slate and restall felt before Saturday April 1st, 2017. Detroit, MI

  29. Cora vollmar, April 9:

    Need brunswick pool table reassembled in Macomb County. Frame is assembled need slate, felt and side rails assembled

  30. Lorne Schlecht, February 3:

    Please send a quote to disassemble and move a pool table from Sheboygan Falls to Hobart, WI. I am not certain if it will need reassembly in Hobart yet or not. Please provide an estimate for that. Moving dates in March are very flexible.
    Thank you.

  31. Helen Scott, April 13:

    Moving last week of April 2018. I would like a quote for a 7 ft pool table to be assembled.

  32. kitty kendrick, June 9:

    how much would it cost to move 8 ft 1 piece slate pool table already disassembled from rome,ga to yatesville ga reassemble with new felt. thanks

  33. Sam Corne, July 15:

    Need 9ft slate pool table moved 15 miles up and down stairs

  34. Donovan Lazar, February 26:

    Need to have a pool table taken apart and crated. I can move it. 9 foot with 3 pieces of slate

  35. Edwin Gonzalez Jr, April 22:

    Hello looking to relocate a pool table from Clifton to Perth Amboy

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