Homeowners Devote Big Budgets to Bathroom Remodels

By HomeAdvisor

Updated November 30, 2016

Geography and Project Scope Are Primary Cost Factors

Homeowners across America will spend $330 billion on residential home improvements this year, according to the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI). And bathroom remodels rank high on their lists of improvements.

HomeAdvisor, the nation’s largest home improvement marketplace, has experienced a 64 percent increase in requests for professional bathroom remodeling services in the past year. And, according to HomeAdvisor’s True Cost data, homeowners are willing to pay an average of $9,200 for professionally installed bathroom updates.

Most homeowners report replacing old, worn out materials and upgrading outdated décor as the primary motivations for their bathroom remodels, HIRI reports. And beautifying, refreshing and upgrading are the terms they use to describe their intended project outcomes. Here’s a look at the most popular bathroom remodeling projects U.S. homeowners are completing, as well as a look at what they’ll pay to achieve their desired results, according to HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide.

2016 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Most Popular Bathroom Remodeling Projects (Average National Cost)

  1. Reface cabinets: $6,676
  2. Install cabinets: $4,633
  3. Install a shower: $3,169
  4. Install flooring: $2,969
  5. Install a bathtub: $2,849
  6. Install a bathtub or shower liner: $2,522

Most Expensive Cities for Bathroom Remodeling (Average Local Cost)

  1. Los Angeles: $16,061
  2. New York, NY: $10,219
  3. Houston, Texas: $ 10,144
  4. Boston, Mass.: $9,847
  5. Washington, D.C.: $9,559
  6. Chicago, Ill.: $8,405
  7. Atlanta, Ga.: $8,301
  8. Philadelphia, Penn.: $7,817

Overall, the most popular bathroom remodeling projects are cabinet, shower and flooring installation — and the most expensive projects are refacing and installing cabinets and installing flooring, bathtubs and showers. The cities in which it’s most expensive to remodel a bathroom are Los Angeles, New York, Houston, and Washington, D.C.

Interestingly, HomeAdvisor reports in their 2015 True Cost Report that while most homeowners still rely on out-of-pocket cash to complete their remodels (83 percent in 2015), 17 percent have relied less on available funding and turned to financing to pay for their home improvement projects.

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