Reflective sliding doors
Bad experiences with sticking, unstable sliding closet doors can be a real turn off. The fact is, though, that modern sliding doors are leaps and bounds ahead of their ancestors. Today’s sliding door hardware is built for durability and efficiency. Many manufacturers carry a no stick, no slip warranty. Those looking to spruce up their bedroom should take a look at what styles of sliding closet doors are available, and the changes in design that have made them more desirable.

Types of Sliding Closet Doors

There are three basic designs for sliding doors. A single bifold door is actually two pieces of wood or metal joined at a seam running down its middle; it opens by folding at this seam. Bifold doors often come in pairs, which makes a total of four separate pieces.

A bypass door is usually made of two separate units that slide in front or behind the other, depending on which one you are moving. Think patio door. Bypass doors, however, can have three or four pieces to cover large spaces.

The pocket door, an ingenious little invention, is a door that slides into a wall when not in use.

Mirrored closet doors make your room feel nearly twice as large, provide ample ability for primping and judging clothing combinations, and, in general, are more nifty than other kinds of closet doors. Along with the full-body mirror, a mirrored closet door will allow you to prepare yourself in the morning outside of your overly steamy bathroom. This is a particularly nice benefit for bedrooms with smaller attached bathrooms.

Sliding Door Benefits

Having a sliding closet door is beneficial in many ways. Sliding doors add beauty and value to your home. Mirrored doors in the bedroom make getting ready easier and also add a feeling of greater space. While conventional doors come in many different styles and finishes, a glass or mirrored one could be expensive or hard to find. Sliding doors are especially convenient for closets that are set up horizontally because they will allow access to more of its contents at a glance. If the doors are made of clear glass, you can see the entire content without even opening the door!

Hardware and Installation

In most cases, installing a sliding closet door is easier than it sounds. This is especially true if you are replacing an old sliding door with a new one.

Those replacing a conventional door with a sliding one should first consider the bifold design as it will be the easiest to put in. The sliding door hardware can be installed and the door hung by a DIY. As with any other door, its durability and performance will vary from brand to brand, as will the price.

Conventional door replacement is also well suited to pocket door installation. A pocket door is truly a space saver as it takes up literally no floor space when it is open. The installation and hardware, however, are more difficult to deal with. Those without a fair amount of experience should leave this one to the professionals.

If you are thinking of replacing a bypass door, a new bypass door might easily be popped right in. Since sliding door hardware has improved so much, though, it is wise when putting in a replacement bypass door to purchase new hardware, too. It’s cheap and will greatly improve the door’s functionality.

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