Quick Tips for a Summer-Ready Pool

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Updated October 19, 2016

Hawaiian pool
Here’s a daily or weekly checklist to help you keep your pool in ship shape.

Check your filter pressure. Your filter’s pressure gauge is located on top of the unit itself. If you’re unsure of your filter’s ideal pressure, check your owner’s manual or call the manufacturer.

☐ Check your pool filter. Dirty filters lead to dirty pool water. If your filter is looking unkempt, use a hose to spray it down. To remove oils and grease — which are largely unseen — soak your filter in Granular Filter Clear or Natural Chemistry’s Filter Perfect for 24 hours.

☐ Remove debris from your strainer basket. Your strainer baskets can fill up quickly. Do a quick walkthrough of your baskets and clean out any sticks, leaves and other clutter.

☐ Test your chlorine levels. Chlorine kills contaminants like algae and harmful bacteria. But, high chlorine levels can also cause burns and other skin irritations. Check your chemical levels daily to ensure your pool water is safe.

☐ Scrub your pool walls and tiles. Algae, mineral buildup and sunscreen can leave unsightly stains around your pool. Use a thick-bristled brush to scrub away any buildup.

☐ Check your pool walls for cracks or tears. Cracks in your pool’s tile wall or tears in its vinyl liner can cause major problems. Inspect your pool for blemishes and contact a pro if you notice an issue.

☐ Hose down your deck. Hose off the walkways around your pool to keep debris and trash from falling into the water. Spills and food remnants can also stain the concrete surrounding your pool. Hose down your pool deck once a week to avoid unsightly stains.

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