Teak wood deck

While teak wood is definitely a more expensive wood, its incredible durability often makes it cheaper than other options in a per-year comparison. When considering cost, beware of teak wood that seems too under-priced. This wood may have come from young teak trees. Immature wood will be more susceptible to splitting and water damage. Outdoor teak wood furniture has long been a popular choice for homeowners because teak wood has a remarkable resistance to moisture and rot, making it a natural wood for outdoor installments. More and more, homeowners are discovering other uses for this truly versatile wood.

Shower Seats

Other than dealing with weather, teak wood is an obvious choice for bathroom projects. Whether you need a shower seat for personal safety or if you just like the convenience a seat offers in washing your feet or shaving your legs, a teak shower seat is the way to go. More stylish than plastic and metal alternatives, a number of different types and installations are available. Most shower seats fold up to allow for more space. They can be rectangular or L-shaped. If you don’t like the idea of a permanent attachment, you can also decide on a teak shower stool. If you have the space, a shower bench will give you even more room to relax in the shower.

Teak Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring remains as popular as ever. One of the few cautions you might hear about hardwood flooring is that you shouldn’t install this flooring in a room where the floor gets wet, such as the bathroom or, to a lesser extent, the kitchen. While this is true, teak wood is one of the notable exceptions. While you won’t want to be constantly sloshing bathtub water onto your teak flooring, reasonable use shouldn’t extensively damage your floor. Every area of the home endures some traffic and wear. The general durability and hardness of teak make it the ideal wood for any hardwood flooring project.

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Indoor Furniture

Teak wood projects are becoming as versatile as the wood itself would suggest. More than just a tough wood, teak also has a pleasing, rich grain to it. This grain is one of the reasons why teak is at least as good an indoor furniture as it is out on your patio. Sunlight will bleach out the natural color of teak and turn it into a stale, grayish color. When left out of the sunlight, teak darkens into a deeper shade of brown. Of course, to change or enhance the color, teak can also be stained and treated to alter its appearance and lengthen its already long life. The most common indoor teak furniture is coffee and dining room tables, matching the blend of rich color with spill-resistant characteristics.

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