Top Considerations Before Beginning Your Bedroom Remodel

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Updated July 14, 2017

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A bedroom remodel can revamp an outdated space and add value to your home (anywhere between a 40-80% return on investment). But as anyone who has been through a remodel will tell you, preparation is the key to maintaining your budget and sanity.

Since any bedroom remodel is comprised of innumerable details, the best way to stay organized is to plan your budget, design, and contractor hire ahead of time. Not only will planning save money in the long run, but it will also help your contractor understand your vision before tearing into your living space.

So, whether you’re remodeling for your own comfort or to increase your home’s value, here are the top renovation suggestions to consider before beginning.

Choose a Classic Style If Remodeling for Resale

A cool, trendy, or over personalized bedroom design is okay if you’re remodeling for yourself. But if you’re remodeling for resale, you’ll want to choose a timeless and traditional design to attract homebuyers. What features do most homebuyers want to see in a bedroom? The most attractive remodels include:

  • Walk-In Closets with Built-In Storage
  • A Bathroom Suite
  • Lots of Outlets
  • Ambient Lighting Fixtures (like recessed lighting)
  • Ample Natural Lighting (like skylights)

Measure Twice

One of the biggest remodeling mistakes you can make is being off on your measurements. An incorrect measurement, even by a centimeter, can lead you to buying the wrong amount or sizes of materials. Rule of thumb is to measure the room at least twice and have someone else measure, too.

Consider Adding Space

A bedroom remodel is a great opportunity to add to your home’s square footage. If you have space outside your house you can tear down the exterior wall to enlarge your bedroom (and add high value walk-in closets!). Just be sure to check local zoning laws before extending your house into the yard.

If you have limited outdoor space, consider expanding the bedroom into an adjacent room. Combining existing spaces in the home is generally the most budget and time friendly renovation option (although it won’t add square footage to the home).

Or, with the right budget, you can ask your contractor to add another story to your home for an extra-large master suite. This option is only available if the building’s foundation is strong, so be sure to check with a pro before considering this option.

Wood Flooring vs. Carpet

Wood and carpet flooring both have their pros and cons, and which you choose is a matter of personal taste. Carpet is the cheaper option in the short term, but is harder to clean than wood and must be changed every few years (sooner, if you have children and pets). Wood flooring is initially expensive, but it’s easy to clean and has a long lifespan. There are lots of flooring options and materials, so be sure to do your research and ask your contractor what will work best with your budget and vision.

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Determine Your Budget

Once you determine the renovations you wish to make, budget out what you think you’ll need to spend for materials, contractors, products, and tools. Share this budget with your contractor to confirm estimates and ensure you are on the same page about the renovations you want.

Budgets for these types of projects vary greatly depending on the size and features of desired changes. You can go as simple as replacing fixtures and repainting or as extravagant as adding heated floors or a new balcony or deck. Talk to your contractor about your design dreams and your budget for help setting realistic renovation goals.

Remember that outside factors like mold or water damage can add unexpected expenses during a remodel. Include some cushion in your budget so you aren’t caught off-guard if things don’t go as planned.

Don’t Underestimate Cosmetic Changes

Low budget cosmetic changes can make a huge difference in the appearance of your bedroom. A new coat of paint in a light color can make the room appear large and airy. Adding a bright contrasting color and incorporating different textures can add depth and personality to the design. Even rearranging furniture and decluttering can make you feel like you had a major remodel, and it can help you visualize other bedroom layouts and renovations you may want to make.

Find a Contractor You Trust

Bedroom remodels are one area most homeowners don’t want to do themselves, especially if electrical and plumbing is involved. When picking out a contractor, ask questions, check out their ratings, and request references. A good contractor will keep you on budget, on schedule, and in the loop on how renovations are progressing. For the best contractor experience, follow these rules:

  • Interview at least three contractors
  • Ask to see before and after pictures of past jobs
  • Ask for price estimates
  • Ask for references

Whether it’s the first, last, or only change you plan on making to your home, a bedroom renovation is a great way to build a more comfortable space and increase the value of your home.

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