3 Benefits of Under-Deck Stain

By HomeAdvisor

Updated October 18, 2016

Stained deck

If you have a two-story deck, it’s important to maintain its underside. Here are three benefits of under-deck staining:

  1. A boosted lifespan. A two-story deck is more vulnerable to weathering than smaller, one-story models. Under-deck staining helps lock out moisture and preserve your deck’s strength.
  1. Upgraded looks. The underside of a two-story deck can attract mold, stains and wear that don’t appear on the topside. Under-deck staining will keep hard-to-reach spots looking great. And, you’ll impress impress friends and family with your deck’s attractive aesthetics — from above and below.
  1. Pest repellant. Some pests will burrow into unstained wood and damage the strength and aesthetics of your decking. Staining helps to reduce the risk of pest-related deterioration and preserves the strength of your deck. Still, if you notice damage with your decking, call a pest control pro to remedy the problem.

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