5 Home Improvement Upgrades that Cost Less Than a TV

By HomeAdvisor

Updated February 28, 2017

When homeowners think of home upgrades, they usually picture big projects like roof repair, new flooring or a kitchen remodel. But what if you could give your home a helping hand for less than the cost of a new TV? It turns out you can. Here’s how:

1) Repair Your Toilet

Cost: $240

Considering that a clogged or constantly running toilet will add a lot more than $240 to your annual water bill, this fix is a steal. Start by diagnosing your problem. Then:

Clogs: Is plunging yielding no result? It’s time to break out the snake. Visit your local hardware store to find the appropriate snake for your plumbing. Run the snake through your toilet to clear any blockage. (It might take a few tries.)

Constant running: Clearing a clog sometimes solves an ever-running toilet. If you continue to notice running, open the back of your toilet and check the flapper (the plastic piece that raises to let water run into the bowl). Over time, your flapper will harden and create a faulty seal. Replace your flapper to stop your constant running. If you still notice running, contact a pro to check out your toilet.

2) Install a New Faucet

Cost: $290

A new faucet is one of the best ways to revitalize an older kitchen. If you plan to remodel other parts of your kitchen, make sure your faucet will fit in with future upgrades (e.g., farmhouse-style faucets won’t mix well with ultra-modern décor). Installing a new faucet DIY-style is a little tricky. If you’re unsure how to tackle your new faucet, call a pro.

3) Refinish Your Appliances

Cost: $300

A quick refinish of your tired, old appliances will give your kitchen a new lease on life. Before you jump into resurrecting your appliances, research popular colors and find designs that will match your current kitchen décor — loud colors are hard to work around during future upgrades.

4) Repair Your Cabinets

Cost: $440

Do you have nicked, scratched or even cracked cabinets? Not to worry. Update your cabinets with a quick sand and refinish. Don’t have the time? Replace your cabinets’ hardware for an easy splash of much-needed style.

5) Spruce Up Your Countertops

Cost: $840

Most countertops begin to show their age after a few years — especially those of avid chefs. If you have damaged laminate, cut out the unsightly portion and replace it with a cutting board or tile. For chipped marble, granite or quartz, quick fixes like Liquiglass and Lamlock infiltrating epoxy will hide your blemishes until you can schedule a professional repair.


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