Easy Way to Hang Curtains

By HomeAdvisor

Updated March 1, 2017

Non-Permanent Way to Hang Curtains

Worried about installing permanent curtains? Use this quick hack get the look you want without long-lasting changes:

  1. Make your measurements. Cut out a corner of a square piece of paper or cardboard to match the corner of the windows.
  2. Choose your height. Decide the height you want the curtains and mark the cardboard. Punch holes through the marks.
  3. Mark your wall. Place the cardboard on the wall and mark through the holes onto the actual wall. Repeat this on both sides.
  4. Set your mount. Attach the command hook to the wall mount.
  5. Line up your hook. Place the command hook and wall mount on the wall, lining them up with the marks.
  6. Hang your curtains. Wait thirty minutes for the command hook to secure and hang your curtains.


  1. Debbie, May 16:

    Can you do this on a textured wall?

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