How to Hang a Wreath Without Putting a Hole in Your Door

By HomeAdvisor

Updated February 28, 2017

How to Hang a Nail-Free Wreath in 5 Easy Steps

An unsightly hole in your front door will detract from its charm. Use this wreath-hanging hack to decorate your front door without creating an unattractive hole.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Indoor adhesive hook
  • Twine
  • Holiday wreath

Step 1: Place the adhesive hook on the inside of your front door at eye level.

Step 2: Tie a loop in one end of your twine and attach it to the hook.

Step 3: Pull the twine over the top of your door, making sure to center it in the middle.

Step 4: Cut the twine on the outside of the door at wreath height.

Step 5: Tie a loop in the end of the twine and hang your holiday wreath.


  1. Karen, November 19:

    To hang a wreath without a nail sticking out from your door face inside or outside, there are 2 options I have used. First, a storebought door hanger can be used. This is a metal piece bent in opposite directions at the 2 ends, one end fits over your door, other end bent up to hold wreath. Second way is to hammer a FLAT tack threw a string loop or a festive ribbon to the very top horizontal edge of your door, (that slides into the doorjam when closed). Measure the desired length of string or ribbon needed to hang wreath first.
    I have used this method to hang my kids’ lovely schoolwork, artwork, pictures, etc. from kitchen pantry doors, taping to ribbons hanging down, so no tape residue on the doors ever. Works beautifully! Best wishes!

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