3 Lawn Care Hacks

By HomeAdvisor

Updated March 1, 2017

Lawn Maintenance Advice

Your lawn’s needs change seasonally. Here are a few tricks to ensure year-round yard health.

  1. Water at the right time. Don’t begin watering your yard until April. It’s a good idea to water one-half inch for clay soil and one inch for sandy soil.
  1. Aerate your soil. Be sure to aerate your lawn in the winter and summer months. You can rent or buy an aerator.
  1. Maintain your mower. Mowing your yard with dull blades will tear your grass and slow its growth. Be sure your blades are sharp before mowing.


  1. Pretty straightforward video! – Each time you mow your grass it tends to lean towards the direction you mowing. If done over and over again it will lay in that direction leaving your lawn looking like you’ve combed it with a brush. Changing the pattern will make your lawn sit up straight. Not only will this prevent tracks left by your mower but also it will make it look fuller and more well maintained.

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