How to Maintain Your Refrigerator

By HomeAdvisor

Updated March 1, 2017

Refrigerator Mainenance Checklist

Dealing with a messy refrigerator? Use these tips to cut the clutter:

  1. Clean your door bins. Remove your doors bins and wash them in your sink.
  1. Change your water filter. Replace your refrigerator’s water filter every six months.
  1. Clean your condenser coils. Vacuum your condenser coils to remove dirt and grime.
  1. Wipe your drawers. Give your refrigerator’s shelves a weekly wipe down.
  1. Place baking soda in your refrigerator. Open a box of baking soda and place it in your fridge to reduce smells.


  1. Paul, January 28:

    I changed the water filter on my Fridaire fridge and ice maker works but I get no running water from door dispenser.

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